5 Common Drain Problems

Below are common drain problems you may encounter in your home. If you identify any of the following drain problems in your home, you need to contact a professional plumber right away for drain repair services.

Here are the 5 common drain problems: 

1. Foul Odors

Do you have unpleasant smells and persistent sewer odors emanating from your drains? Foul odors in your home can be a sign of major drainage issue. There are many reasons as to why you’re experiencing foul odors in your home. Some are easy to identify, however in other cases, it may be deep in the system. Therefore, you should consider hiring a professional plumber to inspect your drains.

2. Flooding

Flooding in your home is a result of a poor drainage system. Water can flood your home and damage your property if your pipes stop working completely. Its important to have a regular inspection on your pipes to ensure any problems are addressed before they become complicated. Hiring a professional plumber can help reduce the damage caused by water leaking from broken pipes.

3. Recurring Clogs 

Did you know your bathtub, shower, and bathroom sink are especially prone to clogs? This is because of all the hair that gets washed down your bathtub, shower, and bathroom sink drains. You can attempt to clear the clogs yourself, but chances are you’re not properly removing the entire clog. Hiring a professional plumber can help eliminate clogs deep in the pipes via sewer camera inspection. Sewer camera inspections check your drains for problems like leaks, blockages, and collapsed pipes. 

4. Slow Drains 

You might think a clogged or slow moving drains might be a small problem. However, clogged or slow moving drains can escalate into a much bigger issue as they indicate a number of problems. Don’t let a clogged or slow moving drains catch you by surprise. You should consider hiring a professional plumber for drain cleaning services in order to avoid plumbing disasters.

5. Multiple Clogged Drains 

If you have multiple clogged drains in your home, you probably have a clog in your main drain. Using plungers or chemical drain cleaners won’t help to clear your main drain system. Hiring a professional plumbers for drain cleaning services can help to clear and eliminate your main drain system in order to fix your multiple clogged drains.


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