5 Common Home Water Leaks

Home water leaks can cause water damage to your home. Big or small, from your bathroom to your kitchen, home water leaks are destructive. Some of the most common water leaks in your home are found on leaking toilets, water heaters, and washing machines. However, regular maintenance in your home can help you to avoid water leaks, costly water bills, and substantial damage to your home. 

Here are the 5 common home water leaks and how to spot the signs:

1. Toilets

Toilets can leak internally or around the seal. Internal leaks causes water from the toilet to drain right into the sewer. So you’ll only notice a toilet leak when you see an increase in your water bill. Leaks around the seal causes mold damage to your floor or anything in the surrounding area. To spot toilet leaks, check behind the toilet. If you see puddles or signs of mold, you should turn off the water and inspect the tank. 

2. Washing Machine

Washing machine leaks are caused by a ruptured cold or water supply hose. If your washing machine hose bursts, it can result into an indoor flood. To check your washing machine, access the tub inlet and inspect the hoses for signs of cracking or abrasion. You should also check behind your washing machine for wet spots in the walls or mold build up around the area. 

3. Sinks & Showers

Sink and shower leaks are hard to detect because they’re buried in a wall surround by tiles. There could be serious water damage in your home if there’s worn-out caulking or holes in the water supply lines. You can check for puddles of water, low water pressure, and if the tiles are lifting in these areas. 

4. Refrigerators & Dishwashers

There’s a chance for a leak or rupture if your refrigerator has an automatic ice maker or water dispenser. Dishwater leaks may go unnoticed and eventually damage the flooring. You can check for any signs of leak by unplugging your refrigerators and dishwaters to see if there’s any mold or water damage on the wall. 

5. Water Heaters

Old water heaters begin to rust and corrode when it has reached its life expectancy. This can cause a slow leak or a sudden burst if your water heater fails. Therefore, a regular inspection and monthly maintenance is important. You can check for leaks if there’s a puddle of water underneath the tank or by removing the drain pipe and listening for a hissing sound. 


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