5 Plumbing Tips for Savings

Plumbing repairs can be very costly, especially if damages occur to your home. However, there are certain things that can help you save money on your utility bill and avoid unnecessary costs from damages. Leaks, outdated faucets, and more add to your monthly utility bill, so it’s important to maintain your home’s plumbing system. 

Here are the 5 money saving plumbing tips:

1. Check for leaks

Did you know that your toilets can be your home’s biggest water waster? You should check your toilet for leaks to prevent unnecessary water-loss. In addition, you should also examine your water meter before and after a period of time when no water was used. If you see the meter turning even though water wasn’t used, then you may have a water leak somewhere in your home. 

2. Replace outdated faucets

Replacing your faucets is more than just enhancing the appearance of your sink. It’s important to replace an outdated kitchen or bathroom faucet. Newer eco-friendly designs can help to adjust the amount of water passing through. 

3. Go for low-flow

Did you know a 10 minute shower with a conventional showerhead can use up to approximately 42 gallons of water? One of the easiest way to reduce water consumption and your water bill is by installing a low-flow showerhead.

4. Upgrade your water heater

Upgrading your water heater is one of the best ways to lower your monthly utility bill. It’s recommended that you replace a water heater that’s over ten years old. However, if you decide to keep your old water heater, you should have it drain at least twice a year to flush out impurities to improve its performance. 

5. Turn off those taps

Did you know a dripping tap can waste up to approximately 15 gallons of water per day? In order to avoid wasting unnecessary water, you should turn off your taps all the way. You should also check if a fully closed tap continues to leak. If so, its important to have it repaired or replaced to help you save money in the long run. 


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