5 Summer Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons in Canada. Summer means the days are longer and the nights are shorter. It’s a time to have fun, take vacations with the family, and spend more time enjoying the outdoors. However, the heat and long days of summer brings put your plumbing system under different kinds of strain. Therefore, it’s important to take care of your home’s plumbing system during the hot months. 

Here are 5 summer plumbing maintenance tips:

1. Turn your water heater down and your refrigerator up

Before going on your vacation with your family, turn your water heater down and your refrigerator up. No one needs hot water because no one is home so it’ll help you save money while you’re away. Turning the temperature of you refrigerator up will also save you money and energy, but make sure you remove perishable foods like milk, meat, and vegetables.

2. Take it easy on your washing machine

You’ll probably do more loads of laundry during the summer because kids are home. Make sure you give your washing machine a break in order to prevent extra stress on the machine. You should also move your washing machine away from the wall to help prevent the hose from kinking, as well as inspect your washing machine to leaks, cracks, bulges, and don’t forget to remove the link from your dryer. 

3. Check your sprinkler system

Make sure you check all your sprinkler heads to see if they are working correctly and not leaking. Broken sprinklers can spray all over the place like your lawn or sidewalk and waste water. We also recommend cleaning the heads of your sprinklers and watering your lawn in the early morning or late in the evening after the sun goes down.

4. Check the sewer system

Did you service your sewer systems before the summer? Service your sewer systems can help you avoid problems and plumbing emergencies. Since summer includes rain showers and even thunderstorms, sewer pipes can gain excessive rain through cracks causing a sewer backup. One of the things you should do to prepare yourself for the summer is to install a drain pump in each drain to prevent water from backing up. 

5. Make sure the water is turned off when it’s not being used

Kid love using the hoses to help them cool off in the summer so you should make sure that the water is turned off when it’s not being used to avoid wasting water and high water bills. 


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