Basement Leaks That Appear Between The Wall and The Floor

Leaks Between The Wall and The FloorIf you notice a leak in your basement that appeared in the place between the wall and the floor; then it’s obvious that you could be facing one of the few issues that we will discuss about here.

The roof water is a primal enemy of the basement in your home. In this case you must check your downspouts and gutters just to be certain they are working appropriately.  If the water is seeping off of your gutters close to your foundation, it will overpower the drainage system in your basement.

Additionally, many people will try to add some dirt on the side of the foundation in order to prevent the basement leaks between the wall and the floor.  But in most cases that will not stop the leaking. If you just try to fix the dirt alongside your foundation that may only help with the surface water issues or maybe the issues when there is a damp wall. In the case when your foundation walls are dry; but there’s a leak onto the floor – the outer grade is not possible the issue.

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