Basement Waterproofing Reasons – Why Do It?

Basement Waterproofing ReasonsThere are many reasons why waterproofing your basement is best option in some cases. Whether you like it or not, your wet basement is going to cause you problems faster than you think. The worst thing you can do is fixing only what your eyes can see. 

Although no homeowner imagines his basement getting damp; the following problem may occur. Treat this problem earlier and you will not have to worry about the moisture in your property ever again. And if you are still in doubt whether or not to waterproof your basement; think about the benefits! Not only you can protect your belongings; also waterproofing will save you money and constant worry.

Even if your basement has never been flooded; it is still wise you put protecting measures in place. Waterproofing your foundation will keep your basement from every form of the adverse effect caused by flooding and water leaks. A high-quality basement waterproofing completely changes the way that the water interacts with your property foundation.

So, what are the reasons for waterproofing your basement?

To Avoid Pest Infestations – As First of All Basement Waterproofing Reasons

Water will get in your basement because of cracks, in walls or foundation. If water can get in through those cracks, then insects will be able to as well. Moreover, anything worse than a leak in your property; it is a leak accompanied by pests. You will quickly find them chewing the possessions you keep in your basement.

To Keep Mold Out of Your Home

When you waterproof your basement you’re not only keeping the water out of your home; you also keep the mold from growing around. Mold loves damp and dark environment. Left untreated, mold spores will float into the living space in your property; and cause allergies, asthma and respiratory tract infections.

So, take steps to keep the water away from your home and the support structure. Then you will not have to worry about a mold problem.

To Protect Your Possessions

Logically, your possessions are either practical or sentimental – the last thing you wish for them is to become unusable because of the water damage.

Protect the Structure of Your Home

Moreover, this is one of the very important basement waterproofing reasons. Moisture not only represents health risk; but weakens the foundation walls. If your home is exposed to water for too long; you may quickly find yourself dealing with bowing walls. Concrete and also brick foundations crack more often; rather than other foundation types when they are exposed to extreme rainfall. So, invest in waterproofing solution; and you will keep your home safe in the worst rainy season.

Keep Your Home Smelling Clean

Water damage, pests and mold make your basement smell terrible. So, even after cleaning your home you still can’t get rid of a horrible smell; then it is time to check your basement for cracks.

Protect Your Budget

If you are looking to protect your budget; it’s sometimes smart to spend money on basement waterproofing solutions. Although the initial expenses of waterproofing your property may be upsetting; they will save you money in the future.

Keep Your Expenses Low

It’s a fact; a damp basement is expensive basement. Your heater will resist maintaining your home’s temperature. And when your pipes start to leak; they will cause your water bill to rise. Moreover, when you notice your electric, water or heat bill high for no reason; check your basement for leaks. 

Keeping the Value of Your Home As Last Of the Basement Waterproofing Reasons

In conclusion, it is always easier to put up for sale a home that is been waterproofed; than to sell a home that had water damage in the past. And yes you can sell your home with the leaks in your basement. But often you will lose approximately 30 or more percent of its market value. Then again, you can repair the leaks before selling your home – but do you need that cost right before you move?

To avoid these issues, think about waterproofing your home once you move in. You will thank yourself in future.

Don’t let the rain compromise the safety of your home. Reach out to Draintony for a basement waterproofing quote today.

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