Basement Improvement

Your basement is playing a crucial role in the general condition of your home. A finished basement is also a great investment. You will get an extra living space; home office, bedroom or a recreational space and many more. The possibilities are infinite; and all of them represent an important improvement for you and your family’s health and living quality. Here we can also mention the families that will come to buy your home; when you will be ready to move on to another place. They will notice the very same thing; a working, finished basement that adds value to your home.

Our clients in Toronto know that Draintony Basement Waterproofing is a company that cares about every aspect. We are specializing in basement waterproofing. So we can offer the best solution for waterproofing your basement over long term in all Toronto area.


Waterproofing is a must mainly for the safety of your family.


This is something you should immediately get done when you own an older home. There the possibilities that your basement is not waterproof; or that the sealants are now out of date are much greater.

Sooner or later, your home’s foundation will start to move; and resolve due to the moisture in the soil around your property. And some movements are expected; but the damage sometimes will become too much for your foundation. Cracks will start to appear. And when your basement isn’t waterproofed, flooding happens inevitably. Below ground spaces are particularly prone to water seepage and cracking walls; or worse, mold and mushrooms growth.

It’s true that waterproofing the basement can be frightening. And also something that most people can’t simply do themselves. These kinds of projects require licensed and trained professionals . Choosing the best contractor can bring effectiveness to the whole basement waterproofing project. And it will be price worth.

So, if you are thinking about doing a basement waterproofing; we can only recommend you to get competitive quotes from at least three contractors.

Below are some of the reasons why is water seeping down in your basement:

  • Rainwater enters through foundation walls.
  • Holes left during construction can also let the water into the basement.
  • Poor blended cement on the foundation floor and walls; in time creates openings.
  • The water pressure underneath is responsible for floor cracks.
  • Bad main and sewer line connections.
  • Problems with the drainage system.
  • Floor drains not draining as they should.
  • Improperly installed window well drainage systems.
  • Poor concrete foundation.

However, you can prevent these problems by waterproofing your basement; and also installing the required waterproofing materials for keeping the space clean and dry.

We are providing complete basement waterproofing services in Toronto; which will stop any kind of water leakage. Along with them we also offer our other drainage and foundation repair services.

Moreover, even when you don’t keep a set of boxes and ornaments in your basement; it’s expected that you do waterproofing down there. Without properly waterproofed basement, you will face hazardous foundation damage. Everything that you keep there is at great risk of being destroyed. Your home will be at risk for many health concerns. We won’t even mention the money you will have to spend for foundation repair.

And at the end forget about your possessions. The only thing that matters is keeping your home safe for you and for your family.

So, if your basement is not waterproofed, or you are uncertain; contact the basement waterproofing installers for Toronto and GTA at Draintony. Locally owned and operated, we will guarantee that your home will rest in its best state; and that you will not be standing in front of any expensive damage repairs in near future.