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Residential wet basement waterproofing in Toronto repair, in other words; dry basement is a main concern for homeowners. And, when moisture is seeping into your home; you will deal with mold growth, musty terrible smells and foundation issues also. Moreover, if left untreated, your home can become unsafe, unstable and unlivable. Above all, wet basements and crawlspaces are reproduction grounds for bacteria and mold. And these are not good for you or your family’s health.

Your basement is not filled with water; however, that does not mean that is waterproof?

Basement Waterproofing Toronto, toronto basement waterproofing, basement waterproofing, waterproofing basement, waterproofing toronto, toronto waterproofing, waterproofing, foundation waterproofing, waterproofing foundation, wet basement repairTo clarify, water seeping through foundation crack might be leaking inside your basement; and collecting or pooling in places you do not realize. And already weakening the foundation your home is build on. So, what appears to be small puddle or just a tiny trickle is a warning sign of a much bigger problem. Also, moisture in your basement can lead to a range of time-consuming and costly repairs.

Moreover, the longer these kind problems persist; they become more consequential. And if you leave them untreated; they may critically compromise your home structural integrity. Above all, water is amazingly efficient at seeping into any available area of your damaged basement floor or foundation. And without appropriate waterproofing, cracks; small openings and leaks may cause major issues. So, from toxic mold to structural damage; the water in your basement is a serious problem.

Most importantly, think about the safety on your existing investment.

Basement Waterproofing TorontoTo clarify, a damp, wet basement will harshly decrease value and interest in your home. On the other hand, an out-of-date bathroom or kitchen does not do much to improve your home’s value. But a leaking basement creates extremely valid concerns. Black mold or standing water that will go far beyond visual or practical concerns.

Therefore, over time, an inadequate wet basement waterproofing will be much more trouble than it is worth. Also, any possessions in your basement will be subject to loss that almost certainly won’t be covered by insurance.

In addition, if your basement shows any sign of water damage when you put it up on real estate market; you may forget about selling it without first fixing it. And, a competent home inspector will surely warn the potential buyer of any noticeable damage. So, they can ask you do basement waterproofing. As a result, you will be making an unreasonable expense due to your time constraint.

So, what can we do to keep our basements dry and prevent moisture from making its way in?


As basements are located underground, they are prone to flooding and many other moisture issues. On the other hand, when a basement is properly constructed; there is no concern about these issues. At Draintony, we will help in creating basement waterproofing system in Toronto; that provides you with peace of mind that your basement will stay dry and safe. And any moisture that enters the basement; despite of how it gets there, it will be securely channeled out of your basement and from your home. You will not have to worry about whether your basement will become flooded; or that you will develop mold over time. With Draintony water will drain out of your basement efficiently and quickly every time.

We are offering foundation waterproofing services in Toronto; to keep basement areas dry.

Wet Basement Waterproofing

If your home was recently exposed to a leak; or maybe you are worried that your basement is at threat of flood, we will help. Our trained and also experienced foundation waterproofing technicians will gladly visit your property; and review your basement and foundation. Finally, recommend a service that works best for you. When it comes to foundation waterproofing in Toronto you can rely on Draintony in every aspect. Whether you are having a stunning basement and you are only interested in protecting your savings; or you are using the basement as storage space; and you want to make sure that your belongings will stay dry. Or also if you are worried about high humidity and mold growth, we are here to help.

Further, there are so many factors that are accountable when it comes to maintaining your basement living space. And, although each situation is different; the best strategy is prevention of flooded basement damage rather than a costly repair.

However, take precautionary steps for waterproofing your basement; before water is present.

This will provide best results.

The actual hydroponic ground water pressure can also cause major problems. And it will also result in lots of repair headaches and costly time consumption.

Above all, foundation leak repair is the first step in basement waterproofing for identifying the source of the leak in your already wet basement.

And, diagnosis of a wet basement is much easier if the basement is unfinished; because the water leaves a path. However, our basement waterproofing technicians in Toronto will help you find the cause of the problem in a finished basement as well. In this case, the diagnosis starts by identifying the area where the water first enters in the basement. And then searching the outer walls for a cracks. However, most of the cracks are expanding to the top of the foundation wall; which is usually exposed over the soil line.

In addition, few reasons why the water is seeping into your basement:

Rainwater is entering somewhere through the foundation walls.

Rainwater on any downpour or snow melts especially in March. This will cause water pressure penetrations from different areas at the foundation walls or your basement concrete floor; despite your foundation is build of poured concrete, cinder blocks, brick or stone. And, when ground water table raises; having or also not having a weeping tile drainage installed and connected to sump pump with discharge above grade in garden area or not; its the key of basement flood protection.

Moreover, ground water is causing serious harm to even thick foundation concrete walls. Especially long term exposure in winter period with the -20 to -30 Celsius temperature. And the four feet freezing point on the soil in winter; when water is present your home structure can become weak. So, during the periods of persistent or heavy rain, the soil will become saturated. Then hydro-static pressure will create and it will push water and moisture through your basement walls and floor.

Holes that are left during the time of construction can also allow the water to enter into the basement.

Small holes from ties for example like foundation precast form structure ties.

When your home relies on a weeping tile drainage and sump pit, you need a sump pump to drain the water.

The latest plumbing installation code for weeping tile drainage connection is a sump pump. We specialize in installing them, replacing and repairing submersible sump pumps. With or without battery back up and alarm.

So, you have to make sure that your sump pump is working precisely as it should with our help! And sump pumps connected with sanitary sewers are against plumbing code and can cause sewage backups in the basement.

Openings due to the poor blended cement on the foundation floor and walls.

Our skilled basement waterproofing team in Toronto knows precisely how to apply this material to repair your foundation to its original condition. And, in most home construction, the foundation walls are built first and the basement floor second. So, despite of whether you have poured concrete walls brick and mortar walls; they will not form ideal seal with the basement floor. Therefore, even though joints are present, your basement walls and floor are still two divide pieces. And, over time these joints will get worse or maybe even crack. Leaving tiny gaps in your foundation that result in water entering through the basement floor.

If the existing weeping tile that’s surrounding the perimeter of your foundation, footing is not in good draining condition; then the circulation of the ground water will be interrupted. And in that case will find a place to leak. Either in the concrete floor or foundation wall.

The water pressure beneath the house creates floor cracks.

Cracks in the floors or walls of your basement are a revealing sign that your basement waterproofing is not as it should be. So, we also offer verified solutions for new concrete floor installation. They include internal waterproofing and new sanitary drainage in the package.

Most of the time the floor cracks are occurring prior the soil settlement underneath it. And that is if the underlay wasn’t compacted enough prior pouring the concrete floor slab.

Wear and tear of joints connecting the main and sewer lines.

Sewer pipes can allow water leaking into your basement in numerous different ways. Whether your sewer line goes through your foundation wall and floor; any connection seals can weaken overtime. And, then waste water will come inside or leak under the floor. The joints leaking down the drain pipes and your main sewer line can also wear out. As a result, the wastewater will seep under your basement floor. And give you musty smell or will attract drain flies in your home.

Having eavtroves and downspouts connected in the sanitary drainage. They will also lead to an excess of water flow through the system; leading to a backup.

Whether due to a heavy rain falls or a blockage, municipal sewers can back up too.

But, disconnecting roof drainage from your downspouts is flood protection move.

Drainage Problems.

In fact, obtaining an adequate drainage is a fundamental part of basement waterproofing. You have to make sure that the water will flow well away from your foundation; so it will not create problems or even cause existing issues to get worse.

Floor drains are mainly common in older homes; but also new build homes have them as well.

Open floor drains are typically near utility or laundry sinks. They allow wastewater to flow away from your home in the sanitary sewers.

When open floor drain becomes clogged; the wastewater from your sink or washer will not be capable to drain away. And will cause backup in your basement.

Basement WaterproofingMoreover, floor drains in basement are the first places for sewage to backup and show in your basement. And older homes that have combined drainage (storm and sanitary) are vulnerable to basement flooding at any snow melt season or heavy rain storm.

So, to protect your property from such weather catastrophe; you have to hire a professional residential basement waterproofing contractor.

We also install special window well drainage systems.

Window well is a drainage system that is used to drain standing or surface water, all the way down to the weeping tile system. And, around every home when there is a window below or also at ground level; the weeping tile system runs parallel to the footing.

Window wells are also another well known cause of water leaking in the basement. If the window well is not properly installed or if the drain becomes clogged, the window well will be filled with water. And during a heavy rain, the water may seep into your basement. So, the water stains on your walls are a certain sign of leaky basement windows.

If you have a poor concrete foundation.

Furthermore, the poorly mixed concrete will lead to air pockets that look a lot like a honeycomb structure. So when water presses against these honeycombs; and will be siting there for extended period of time, then the foundation will become a hole lot more vulnerable to icing-freezing foundation damage. Also they will cause holes or cracks in your foundation. This will allow the water to seep into the basement. And, repeated freezing and thawing cycle will lead to long term foundation structural damage also.

In addition, let’s face it;

Your home is almost certainly one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime. So when it comes to keeping your basement dry; there is no other team that does it better than Draintony Wet Professional Basement Waterproofing Installers in Toronto.

We guarantee our work with life time warranty. Our team will identify the damage and also provide lifetime warranted repairs.

At Draintony we take great pride in providing high level workmanlike manner; and using the most comprehensive wet basement waterproofing solutions. We’ve built a successful business and dedicated customer service also; because we know the importance of keeping your property safe and waterproof.

Call us now at 416-938-5102 or Contact us today to get a free quote for Wet Basement Waterproofing in Toronto!

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