Best Ways to Increase Your Home Value Before Selling

Before you decide on selling your home, it is best to figure out every possible way to increase its value. To do this properly, you should consult with real estate experts. They will be able to compare your home’s value to the market. And also give you suggestions on the most suitable renovations for your home and budget.

Here are some tips on increasing the value of your house:

1. Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. The thing which will stick in the minds of homebuyers is the feeling they had while looking at your home for the first time. There have been thousands of cases where people bought homes just for the sake of looks and aesthetic.

Planting flowers and trees, repainting window frames or doors; reorganizing the porch and adding swinging benches or art decorations in your garden will definitely make an impression on the homebuyer. Also, invest in fixing up the driveway. And adding pleasantly looking fences or garden gateways.

2. New Bathroom and Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are known as one of the biggest investment returns. These days people love the practicality and a fully furnished kitchen. It definitely saves up money on repairs and renovations for homeowners. To make your kitchen shine like the old days; you should invest in new cabinets, tiles and appliances. Energy efficient kitchens have new fridges, dishwashers; sinks, drains and windows, usually made from vinyl.

The same goes for bathrooms as they also are high traffic areas for homes. The difference between the two is that bathrooms can increase value with fewer renovations. Like toilet replacement or repainting tiles. If your bathroom is in good condition; then try investing in adding another bathroom to your house.

3. Energy Efficiency

Homebuyers are drawn to energy efficiency. That is one of the first things they’ll be looking for in your home. Everybody wants to reduce electricity bills and save the environment. Having LED lights in your backyards, vinyl 3 paned windows and digital thermostats proves to be a home value increaser. Energy efficiency is increasing with door and window replacements; air duct maintenance and roof or basement insulations. Repairing and cleaning your pipes and sump pumps will help in increasing home value as well.

4. Size Matters

More square meters means more money.  Moreover, adding an extra room will increase the value of your home. And this is recommended for homeowners which love undertaking big renovation projects. It can be a fun family activity because it involves planning; creative thinking and decoration. If your budget doesn’t allow creating an additional room from scratch; then you can undergo building decks or basement and roof renovations.

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