You’ve probably experienced some sort of drain clog, whether it be a toilet, shower, bathtub, or a kitchen sink.

If you have a stubborn clog that you can’t clear for yourself, you need Drain Cleaning. Draintony are licensed and insured experts, available 24/7 to provide you Clogged Drain services you can trust across the GTA.

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Clogged toilets is caused by facial tissue, paper towel, and personal hygiene products. Clogged showers and bathtubs is caused by a combination of dirt and grime which accumulates over time. Clogged kitchen sinks is caused by fat, oil, grease, and bits of food which restricts the flow.


Clogged Drains is one of the most common issues in a residential and commercial property. Drain pipes may clog for different reasons such as weak water pressure and lack of maintenance.

You can fix your drain with drain snaking services. Drain snaking is a traditional cleaning method for clogged drains, as well as toilets. A long, steel wire, is inserted into the drain pipes using a motor. Using electric power, the wire is forced down the drain to allow the contents to be transported.
Serious problems and damages like Clogged Drains can occur if your drains haven’t been professionally cleaned for over a long period of time. Your drains will become clogged with hair, food, oil, sediments, and other products. Even with prevention methods, debris will find its way into your pipes.

Drain power flushing is used to remove blockages in drain pipes and wash out the debris found along the walls of your pipes using a highly-pressurized water.
Have you discovered roots growing into your drains?

Problems such as leaking, sloping, and erosion can occur with your sewer lines. These problems happen as a result of impacted plant tree stumps. Sewer lines are important because it acts as a defence against flooding in your home.

The roots of a tree can become a nuisance if they start to grow around the base of your home, damaging and infringing on its structure. Draintony provides roots removal by excavation. This is a permanent solution to removing tree roots surrounding your pipes.

Roots removal by excavation is done by removing the tree’s roots, without having to remove the tree itself. You should contact Draintony for the proper removal process.