Common Sump Pump Problems

Sump pumps are an important part of our homes. They prevent floods, floor cracks, water leaks mold and pesticides. Having a malfunctioning sump pump is dangerous as it can lead to or cause severe water damages to your home. Other than consulting with experts, you should also do regular check-ups and cleaning procedures. This ensures improved functionality and a longer life span for your sump pump.

Here are the 4 common sump pump problems:

1. Overwhelming Activity

In some cases, a single sump pump isn’t enough for protecting your home from water damage. This is why, before installation, you should consult with experts about the proper type and amount of sump pumps for your basement.

Your basement may be bigger and your living area may be rainier or wetter than usual ones. The adequate sump pump must be powerful enough to handle the amount of water accessing your home.

Another reason for it to have overwhelming activity is the possibility of it being made out of low quality, cheap material such as plastic.

2. Lack of Water

Sometimes your sump pump appears to be working, but when you open it up you don’t see water inside. This is the classic case of bad installation or the classic case of disconnected pipes. The way sump pumps are connected to the drainage system is an important part of their functioning.

Another important thing is its size. If it is smaller than it is supposed to be, certain issues may start to occur. To summarize, if there isn’t any water in your sump pump then it may have been improperly chosen, installed or connected to the other parts of the system.

3. Clogged Pump

A common advice contractors give to homeowners is to install sump pumps that have lids. This prevents debris and dirt from entering and causing major clogging issues. Clogged pumps work slower than functioning ones and with time they might entirely stop working. Besides dirt and debris, your sump pump can also clog because of jammed or tangled switches. This is common for cheaper, less-quality models and if the switch gets stuck in the “on” – mode, it causes non-stop working and pumping.

4. Power Loss

Sump pumps work on electricity and batteries which makes them vulnerable to power shortages and electrical issues. Having the sump pump stop working is more common to areas prone to storms and bad weather conditions.

Unlike the other sump problems, this one can happen to any type of sump pump whether it is the highest or the lowest quality. We need our pumps working properly, especially in storms and difficult weather. To make sure that they do, it is highly recommended to get a manually activated back-up generator.

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