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Concrete Floors 5, Services, basement concrete floorThe majority of basement floors are made with concrete, as one of the toughest materials accessible to home builders. The basements are the most demanding part of the house. In order to finish your project, you may have to deal with ceiling height issues; out-of-level subfloor or maybe a problematical moisture.

In spite of the best efforts of the contractors everywhere; basements flood anyway. When your basement has constant flooding issues, it is essential that you take steps to deal with them. This means keeping the water away from your home through appropriate site grading; and also installing a sound drainage system. Think about sump pump as addition and a back-up sump pump. At last, be realistic in your basement flooring choice. The standing water will simply doom various materials. To sum up, pick something that can get wet.

Always be careful when choosing a flooring expert in your area.

Removing and replacing concrete is what majority of the basement waterproofing companies do. Some of the companies will demolish the structural integrity of a house, by removing all concrete floors along your basement walls to fit their drainage system. They will make you believe that the problem is solved; and visually, yes they have solved the problem. But a new issue will appear. This is because your basement floor will no longer support the foundation of your home. The waterproofing company may create a cold joint when adding fresh concrete next to an aged, dry concrete floor. In a matter of months new crack will grow up all along that cold joint.

All support will be lost when removing the basement floor from the footer. Then quick changes in the structural integrity of your house will happen. And just like that new wall and floor cracks will appear in your basement.

Pick a waterproofing company that rebuilds concrete basement floors back to the code-compliant thickness.


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