How to Dispose of Cooking Oil

Throwing cooking oil down the drain isn’t as innocent as it looks. It is an action that cannot be forgiven even if you mix the cooking oil with hot water.

This is because pipes do not have a way of degrading oil and the one which you pour down the drain may end up clogging someone’s pipes or sewage connections.

It’s ok if you didn’t know about this until now; that’s why we offer a couple of ways for proper and sustainable used cooking oil disposal.


A great way to dispose of used cooking oil is with using it again. It’s sounds better than recycling plastic or glass. If you plan to eat the similar ingredients in the near future then use the same cooking oil. It is recommended that you keep used oil in airtight jars, ready for re-use.

To ensure it isn’t expired, check if it smells rancid and do not re-use it more than twice. The best cooking oils to do this with are those with high smoking points such as canola, peanut and vegetable. Olive oil isn’t a good product for re-use as it has a low heating point.

Another good way for storing used cooking oil is by freezing it. This is recommended for not-so-near future re-use.

Make it Biodiesel

When combined with alcohols like methanol, vegetable oil or animal fat can be turned into biodiesel. This process doesn’t have any cons as it delivers petroleum which is less damaging to the environment while at the same time recycling cooking oils and fat.

If you like this idea and do not know how to start participating, then check Earth 911 or your city government to find out restaurants or places nearby which collect used cooking oil and take part in making biodiesel.

Throw it Away

While throwing away used cooking oil looks like an easy option, it requires certain steps and knowing the do’s and dont’s of proper disposal. For instance, throwing away unheated cooking oil may damage garbage cans, recyclable materials and someone’s skin.

To make sure your oil is properly thrown out, mix it together with cat litter, flour or sawdust. It will develop into a thick mixture and thus will prevent oil leaks from garbage bags. You can also simply wait for it to cool and before throwing it, put it into a non-recyclable, tightly sealed container as milk carton boxes or take-outs.

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