Having drainage issues or broken pipes in your front lawn or driveway? Look no further, allow Draintony, a team of experienced excavators to help you in your excavation process for the replacement of old drains and broken pipes.
Draintony’s specialists have the necessary experience and know how to get the excavation job done in a proper manner. Excavation is a very difficult task for most home-owners. It disrupts their lives and daily routines as their front lawn or driveway is dug out for repairs. Our team of experts will try to finish the job as quickly as possible and will create as little disruption as possible. We also do 24-hour emergency drain replacement services, so in case of a drain repair emergency please call Draintony and our experts will be there to help you out, be it day or night.
Our excavation team is always ready to repair any plumbing related issue: from broken main water supply to a collapsed main drain. At Draintony, our excavation specialists provide all services: excavation for foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and drain and sewer repair. Our professional plumbers take care of installation or replacement of water lines, drains and re-slope for proper drainage. We can also take care of the removal of tree roots that interfere with your sewers, drains and foundations rendering them compromised.


Sewer lines can get blocked to the extent that cleaning is no longer a viable solution. Our experts will examine your sewer lines and based on the condition will recommend the most suitable solution. If cleaning is no longer an option then our experts will work on sewer line repairs. At Draintony, we offer solutions for all types of underground plumbing problems:

Repairing of cracked, broken or collapsed pipes.

Clearing of blockages due to large foreign objects obstructing the water flow.

Replacement of corroded pipes where corrosion has compromised the pipe leaving it susceptible to bursting.

Repair or replacement of bellied pipe, where a portion of a pipe has sunk due to soil or ground conditions.

Repairing of leaking joints of pipes having broken seals with sewage flowing into the surrounding soil.

Opening and repairing of clogging of sewer lines due to invasion by the sewer lines causing voids in the pipes.

Replacement of off-grade pipes, when pipes have corroded and deteriorated to the extent that they are no longer viable for future use.





Draintony specializes in water and sewer line excavation and repair both in commercial and municipal sectors.
We have all the required digging equipment, machinery and safety gadgets such as trench shoring walls which protect our workers from cave-ins. We have learned over time how to best to work around your needs and how to create as little disruption as possible. We also arrange for all the required permits and inspections from local regulatory authorities.
When it comes to professional excavation and plumbing, you don’t have to look any further. Our experts at Draintony are here to help you. If you are experiencing any drainage issues please call us at 416-938-5102 and allow our experts to help you.