Exterior Waterproofing Toronto – Starts At $100 Per Linear Foot

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External/Exterior waterproofing in Toronto is among the many waterproofing solutions that Draintony Professional Waterproofing Installers can offer. This waterproofing procedure is possibly the most common waterproofing technique; and the greater part of waterproofing contractors are using it.

Its prevalent use is attributable to its effectiveness. But only when is done properly with the usage of the right materials. Best of all, it is appropriate for all foundation types; – brick, concrete block, poured concrete and stone.

Here at Draintony Professional Waterproofing Installers we understand that every home’s needs are different.


Moreover, we realize that many homes in Toronto have been exposed to certain exterior/external waterproofing methods in the past. Also others may already be experiencing some degree of water damage. So, that is why we are committing to customizing solutions for every project we work on; starting with sending one of our trained professionals to your home for a free estimation. In other words, we will evaluate your home’s waterproofing needs. And also provide advice for the best; and most cost-effective method, of protecting your home against future water damage.

However, if you’re not sure that the external excavation and external/exterior waterproofing are the most practical option for your situation; we invite you to contact us and find out more about the other waterproofing techniques that are available for your type of foundation. And also the nature of the problem that you are handling with.

Stop water at its source from finding its way into your basement; and damaging your home with external/exterior waterproofing. Contact Draintony Professional Exterior/External Basement Waterproofing Installers.

Exterior Waterproofing, Exterior basement waterproofing

We are a trusted source for external/exterior basement waterproofing in Toronto and basement repair services. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best products and services; which is why we offer a variety of options to help you get the driest basement in town.

No matter what your waterproofing needs are; we have the tools and the crew to keep your home safe and fully protected from water damage.

However, the work in obtaining a permanent waterproofing solution is time-consuming. But, there is no better reward for the hard work than a successful finale; – completely protected and dry basement.

We are completely licensed and we use only high quality products. That’s why we provide 25-year warranty.

When it comes to wet basements, the root of the problem is typically located outside of the home.

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