Can you smell bad odors in your basement? Do you see water dripping from wet spots on the roof?These are some of the signs from your house indicating the need for repair and proper maintenance. In order to protect your house from water problems like a Flooded Basement, External Waterproofing your basement via Window Wells is the only solution.

External Waterproofing structurally ensures the life of the wall and the building it supports. This method stops seepage of water into the house and protects it from frost and foundation erosion. External Waterproofing involves excavating and exposing the foundation wall to prevent water from penetrating through the foundation.

External Waterproofing is one of the Basement Waterproofing services Draintony provides. Call us now at 416-938-5102 or Contact us today to Get a Free Quote!

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External Waterproofing helps to reduce moisture in the basement and also prevents musty odor and allergies
External Waterproofing strengthens the foundation of your home and reduces the rate of damage likely to occur on the foundation walls.
External Waterproofing helps you to save thousands of dollars in repairs.
External Waterproofing prevents the belongings inside your home from getting damaged by stopping moisture from seeping into the building through leaky basements.
External Waterproofing makes the home structurally sound; hence, the resale value of the property is increased.
External Waterproofing gives homeowners peace of mind, whether you are at home or away on vacation, you won't have to worry about any surprising or unexpected damages.