Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair


Over the years, we have implemented our foundation repair solution into thousands of homes. And, with our wide experience, we are perfectly positioned to repair your foundation cracks; whether your home is small, medium or large.

Highly qualified and fully licensed, our technicians will diagnose the true cause of your home’s problems, with speed and efficiency also.

Most importantly, they will design a gainful; permanent foundation repair solution. And this will stop your property’s walls from additional cracking fast. We are making foundation cracks repair quick, simple and affordable.



Our qualified team has the experience that you need to find and also prevent further foundation damage. Whether you have only a few cracks or maybe major foundation issues; we will find and correct them faster than any other local repair company. Best of all, we are offering free estimates on all of our foundation reinforcement inspections. Moreover, you will get the confidence that you need; and you will never have to worry about foundation cracks repair costs when you hire Draintony. And with efficient and fast service with most excellent equipment; you will not find anyone better.

Most importantly, we have precise tools for every job; and can give you the structural foundation repair you require every time you contact us.

From hot summers to flooding rains; you need a concrete slab that will work hard every day. In other words, no matter what Mother Nature will send on your way; your home foundation must stay strong all year.

Furthermore, even when you are not having foundation problems yet; the best protection is always the preventative maintenance.

At Draintony we offer the most reliable and trusted foundation cracks repair in the industry. 

Causes of foundation cracks and their solutions

There are many reasons why the foundation cracks occur. They are not always a tragedy and the problem can frequently be resolved easily and quickly. The crucial thing is the diagnosis; it has to be done by professionals; as there may be more than one reason. The integrity of every construction depends on a solid foundation. Small cracks in your foundation can turn out to be big problems in a rush; particularly where a dry climate and also expansive clay soils will leave homes vulnerable to foundation movement. Expansive clay soils react to moisture changes. Low or high moisture levels will result in the growth and contraction of molecules; causing settlement to the soil underneath your property’s foundation.

However, for home owners; expansive clay soils are not the only factors that are working against your real estate investment.

Here is a more wide-ranging list of issues that includes the top five most frequent causes for foundation problems

  • Season weather change; The periods of wet and dry weather can have an explosive effect on the soil beneath your home foundation. And when the soil expands over time; the structural integrity that is supporting your home will weaken. This will cause foundation crack.
  • Proper Drainage; Poor drainage running systems are important part of a healthy home. Too much or as well little water near the home may lead to stress. Standing water around your property; large amount of water discarded by downspouts or maybe an unhelpful grade near the landscape around your property also can all cause draining problems to appear.
  • Expansive Clay Soils; There is little that can be done to keep away from the problems that expansive soils can cause. It is very important to take in hand any foundation problems early; before the problem gets worse.
  • Tree Roots; When roots are under or also near your foundation, they may cause your home to move. Root barriers and tree removal can help a lot.
  • Under Slab Plumbing Leaks; Water leak beneath the slab will create excessive moisture levels profound under the structure. The affected areas will uphill and disturb the strength of your slab. Moreover, under slab water leaks often go by unnoticed. In this case, hydrostatic testing is recommended; to check for any plumbing issues that are hidden below the property.

Other problems that we commonly come across contain;

  • Lateral Movement; Soil movement that is caused by erosion.
  • Foundation Bowing Repair (Bowing Foundation Walls); When your foundation walls are bowing or showing any other signs of inner moving; this is because the pressure is pushing your foundation and it can be a very serious concern. Bowing foundation walls are typically caused by hydrostatic pressure and expansive soils. Foundation bowing repair is our specialty; no matter of the cause and the type of damage.
  • Soil Compaction; The support materials underneath your home can stop working due to compaction.
  • Frost HeaveThe water underneath your property can freeze; which leads to expansion and also upheaval.
  • Building Defect; Defective construction through the building process will lead to breakdown.
  • Wood decay; The wood used in crawl space homes can rot; and affect the strength of the foundation.

In other words, the damage that is caused by structural problems must not be ignored. It is very important to repair the damage early; before it spreads. If you can see any signs of danger, schedule an evaluation with Draintony; a certified and reputable foundation repair company.

How to Notice the Signs of Foundation Damage?


Simply, on a regular basis you must inspect your home and foundation for signs of damage. Here is a checklist of the common signs of foundation problems.

  • Sagging or uneven floors
  • Bowing Foundation Floors
  • Cracks in ceilings and walls
  • Parting baseboards from the walls; especially at the corners
  • Bent doors
  • Windows that are hard to open/close
  • Cracked chimney; inappropriate exterior drainage can be the cause of chimney cracks
  • Exterior walls cracks
  • Pooling water in the lawn; particularly close to the foundation
  • Foundation water leaks and foundation moisture

repair foundation, structural foundation repair, foundation reinforcement, foundation cracks repair, foundation bowing repair, bowing foundation wallsYou can make it a habit to check these items every year. And if you believe you may have a problem; schedule estimation. At Draintony, our staff will not only fix the damage; but also examine your property in order to discover what the primary problem is. We are not just camouflaging the symptoms; we are correcting root of the problem and guarantee a long-lasting solution.

Therefore, no matter what kind of problem you are experiencing with your foundation; our team of foundation repair experts will help. We are offering a free, no obligation foundation crack repair quote. To book your free estimate, contact us today!

How to stop concrete from cracking



Concrete is a mixture of water, sand and aggregate. Aggregate is a compound of gravel, slag, synthetic materials and crushed stone. The quality of the concrete is predefined with the proportion of sand to water and aggregate. Too much or little of any of these substances and you will get poor quality concrete.


Curing is the period in which concrete obtains the strength and also durability. 90% of the concrete strength is acquired during the first 4 weeks after its poured. The three factors that affect this process are temperature, hydration and also humidity.

Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete contains a steel frame or mesh. Concrete has high compressive but low tensile strength. It’s weaker when stretched out; and stronger when compact. On the other hand, steel also has a high tensile strength which will compensate for concrete lack of tensile strength.   

Foundation cracks repair work


Concrete can crack for many reasons. Draintony is committed to properly investigate the cause of your concrete cracks. We will repair the damage and also prevent future damage from happening. Therefore, we consider that using the highest quality materials and also methods for foundation cracks repair is always the best approach.

How to Repair Wide Concrete Cracks

  • When we repair wide concrete cracks we first undercut the sides of the crack; and give it a reversed “V” shape. This will help the repair material to key in the crack; creating a mechanical bond also to the chemical bond between the concrete and the patch material.
  • Then we chisel the cracked concrete with masonry chisel and a hammer; to extend the base of the crack and remove any debris from the old concrete.
  • After that, we use wire brush to remove all debris from the crack.
  • Mixing the concrete, always following manufacturer instructions.
  • Filling the crack up to the nearby concrete surface.
  • Flat the surface with the trowel.
  • Let the composite alleviate as directed.

                                                                Concrete Cracks Types


Carbonation over a long time concrete will soak up carbon dioxide from the air. This causes a chemical reaction with lime in the cement; and the steel reinforcement bars will rust and enlarge – the force that will also in time crack the concrete.

Chlorides are shorting the setting time of the concrete. This also affects the strength of the concrete which leads to early failure. 

Water flows through the concrete cracks and dissolve minerals; carrying them also to other places where lumps are created at the external surface.

Concrete exposed to wind and water is more vulnerable to erosion and corrosion.

Bacteria’s in untreated sewer waters play a huge role in crown rot corrosion. 

Earthquakes and other vibration sources will certainly have great impact on the concrete.   

Fire exposes the concrete to acids, gasses, liquids and also salts that can be destructive. 

Exposure to radiation can also cause concrete to become unstable. 

We Are Always Matching All Of Our Competitors Quotes


Above All Our Promise to You

  • Free foundation inspection
  • Special, pleasant service
  • Transparent and simple quotes
  • Minimal disruption to your home and everyday life also
  • Affordable price
  • Lasting foundation cracks repair



The professionals at Draintony are trusted choice for foundation cracks repair. Our goal is to provide you with the utmost quality work at a large value. And our transferrable warrantee is designed to provide present and potential homeowners peace of mind knowing we are here for you before, all through and after the work is complete also.

In addition, our experienced team has completed thousands of foundation reinforcement jobs.

If you have by now experienced foundation damage; our work can help in the support of your home. Furthermore free foundation inspection is performed by Draintony technicians; who will carefully examine the problems that affect your structure. And at last, develop a complete repair plan that is built to last. Moreover, each step of the repairing process will be explained to you; so you will surely know what you are receiving and why.

In conclusion, damage that is caused by structural problems must not be ignored. It’s very important to repair the damage early; most importantly, before it spreads. And if you can see signs of danger don’t wait to schedule estimation with Draintony; certified and also reputable structural technician. Above all, we are looking forward to present you the same class results; which we have become identified for in the industry.

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