A strong foundation is crucial to your home’s stability. Foundation or slab heave is one of the few problems that can be critical to the foundation of your home. The soil around your home are important for the weight bearing of your home’s foundation and any issues regarding the erosion of this soil can result in serious concerns for the foundation.
At Draintony, our foundation experts will conduct an examination of the location and do a detailed analysis of your foundation problems and give an assessment on the extent of the damage. Once we have identified the core problem, we will devise a plan for foundation repairs. We are experts at the pier and wall braces installation and we have the best in class technology for the foundation restoration.
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As time passes the soil around our homes gets weaker and concrete structures to tend to settle, move and eventually crack. Concrete is an extremely sturdy building material, yet it offers very little flexibility in conditions of settlement, shifting, and porousness. 85% of Canadian homes do not have any form of rubberized membrane applications applied during the construction of their foundation walls.
This eventually leaves them prone to cracked walls and weakened foundations. Weeping Tiles system alone is not sufficient to protect your foundation and it’s concrete walls from water penetration. A combination of the below-grade rubberized membrane along with weeping tiles is required for completely sealed concrete foundation walls.
If not managed on time, it may eventually lead to irreparable damage to the foundation of your home. So, if you notice any of the following issues around your home, please immediately consult professional foundation specialists at Draintony.
  • Sagging floors and floor cracks
  • Wall Cracks
  • Bowing Walls
  • Sticking Doors and Windows
  • Tilting Chimneys


One of the tried and tested and most recommended methods is the exterior foundation repair. The foundation wall can break down and fail if the exterior walls are not repaired properly prior to the freezing temperature during the winter. If the exterior is not repaired the water will seep into the cracks and will eventually impact the already repaired interior structures and this would lead to the inevitable erosion of the interior patches.

It is the exterior of the foundation wall that mainly cracks originate in. Our team will first separate the gas lines, hydro services, and telephone/internet lines. These can be damaged during excavation so they need to be clearly marked and separated. Next, they will remove air conditioning units, interlocking stone, patio stone, decking, asphalt or concrete walkways to get access to the repair area.
After that, they will carefully excavate and expose the walls to conduct a full assessment of the damage and how best it can be repaired. Once we reach the repair site, our specialists will do a detailed inspection of the existing weeping tile system, if these are found to be damaged, we will first replace them.
Our team will then clean the exposed foundation with wire-brushes making all cracks, voids, and tie-holes visible. Then, they will repair them with expansive hydraulic cement. After completion of this stage, they will move on to applying a specialized primer that would allow the rubberized membranes to achieve complete adhesion to the concrete walls. After the primer is dry, the first layer of rubberized membrane is applied by hand to make it neat.
Then a layer of fiberglass mesh is applied as this would give the rubberized membrane the required flexibility and movement for structural strength required overtime. Then, the whole process of application rubberized membrane and fibreglass is repeated and lastly, a layer of thick plastic is added.
Our experts will then install a layer Delta MS Membrane with termination strip on top. This double waterproofing protection will result in decreased hydrostatic pressure against the repaired foundation walls, allowing large volumes of water to vertically drain to the weeping tile system below. After this, a backfilling process will be one to ensure that the soil is power tamped every foot as it would ensure full drainage, complete locking of rubberized membranes for waterproofing and restoration of the original grade at the repaired sites.

Our team will complete the soil backfill and soil compacting in place. Then we will install a termination strip attached to the top of the Delta MS Membrane. The termination strip makes sure the Delta MS Membrane is secured tightly to the foundation to give a neat and tight finish. Lastly, the work area is cleaned and all debris are removed and disposed of. Our experts use hand excavation and machine excavation as this is very important to get the results in foundation restoration and repair projects. 

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