How Grease Can Damage Your Pipes

Did you know that grease is bad for your drainage system? Therefore, you shouldn’t pour grease down the drain. Grease is so bad for drains. Once it cools off, it solidifies in the pipes and acts as a sticky trap for gunk and debris. So over time this blockage will eventually clog the pipes or slow the drain. 

We get that it’s a hot, oily mess and it’s tempting to dump it down your drain. But, you know how those high-fat, delicious foods like bacon, french fries, hamburgers, and fried chicken are bad for your arteries? A clogged drainage system is a lot like clogged arteries. The more and more you dump grease down your drain, things will eventually stop flowing properly through your drainage system. 

How to Tell if Your Drain is Clogged with Grease

So how can you tell if your drain is clogged with grease? There are early warnings signs of clogged drainage system such as a gurgling sound, slow water drainage, and a bad smell coming from your drains. 

Have you put grease down the drain? Are you continuing to put grease down the drain? Then you’ll probably experience a clog in your sink due to a grease clog. However, it’s more than likely a combination of clog. In some cases, a piece of hard material can get stuck in your drainage system. 

What to Do with Leftover Cooking Grease

You shouldn’t dump grease down your drain. Any grease that’s solid at room temperature or cooking oils that are liquid at room temperature should stay far away from your drain. So what should you do with grease and cooking oils after you’re done cooking?


Pour the hot grease into a dedicated grease jar or can. You can use a mason jar or make a disposable grease can by removing the lid of a can. Once your jar or can is full, dump out the solid grease into the trash bin or throw out the entire jar or can. 

Cooking Oils

You should allow cooking oil to cool off before you do anything with it. Depending on how much cooking oil you have, you can pour it into the trash can on top of a couple of paper towels. However, if you’re looking to dump with large amounts of oil, you should pour the oil into a container and reuse it next time you’re frying. 

What to Do if You Accidentally Pour Grease Down the Drain 

What should you do if you accidentally pour grease down the drain? Fortunately, there are preventative actions you can take to reduce the damage to your drain. You can pour 4L of boiling hot water slowly down the drain while running the faucet on the hottest temperature setting. And while you’re doing this, squirt dish soap down the drain. 

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