How do You Keep Your Drain Pipes Clean?

Knowing few tips about; how to keep your drain pipes clean is part of making your drains to run smoothly and efficiently. By doing this, you would be able to avoid clogging that may result in sewage backup that can damage the basement waterproofing over time.

Follow these tips to keep our pipes clean:

  1. Regular Cleaning of your Sinks

To make your pipes clean, you need to maintain your sinks by pouring a little bleach into the sinks and allow it to sit for an hour or overnight before running water down the drain.

  1. Avoid Grease

It is crucial that you avoid pouring grease in your kitchen sink drain. Meanwhile, grease or fat can build up over time in the kitchen sink drains. You can remedy this situation with liquid Dosh detergent and a pot of boiling water. The grease will melt and get flushed down the drains. Do this regularly to keep your pipes clean.

  1. Maintain Your Garburator

Usually, you use cold water when running your garbage disposal. The effect of this is that oil and grease will be brought to a solid-state. Meanwhile, use moderately hot water after you have run your garburator to help remove oil or grease build-up in the garburator.

Besides, avoid pouring greasing and oil into your sink, it will clog the drains in no time. Also do not put items such as potato peels, coffee grains, etc. in your drains.

  1. Clear the Drains

It is necessary to clean your drains regularly – the kitchen and bathroom drain. There are several off-the-shelf cleaning products you can purchase and pour into the drains. Besides, you can go for home-made cleaners to clean and clear the drains in your home. Take advantage of vinegar, baking soda, and salt as well as boiling water to clean and clear the drains in your home.

  1. Educate the Kids

Another way to keep pipes clean in the home is to instruct your kids not to put items, especially toys, into the toilet – that will clog the toilet pipes and cause water backup.

Ensuring that the pipes in your house are clean and run smoothly will give you peace of mind and help you to save money you might be used for repairs of the pipes and also, the basement waterproofing.

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