How to Keep Termites Away From Your Crawlspace

How to Keep Termites Away From Your CrawlspaceDon’t underestimate the termite’s invasion; it may possibly become a huge problem in your house. Termites can make big structural damage to your walls, foundation and furniture. Moreover, they need moisture, food and insulation to multiply and thrive. And crawlspaces are the perfect place to make their pedestal into your house.

Beneath you can find out more about how to keep termites away from your crawlspace so you could prevent a termite’s invasion.

Your basement or crawlspace must have appropriate ventilation

An immense way to help termites from invading your home is reducing humidity and moisture in parts around the foundation; such as your crawlspace or basement. Appropriately ventilating these places can help you to a great extent in the battle against the termites.

Make sure that all the vents are free of any obstruction like dirt, debris, vegetation and leaves. In addition, if you live in a very humid environment, dehumidifier could be very practical for your home.


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How to Keep Termites Away From Your Crawlspace