Important Things to Look for When Hiring a Contractor

How to hire a contractor? You might have heard about the unpleasant experiences of people on how their plumber ruined the plumbing system or the plumber made the situation worse. To overcome the fear of whether you are hiring the right plumber or not, you need to consider certain things before you proceed.

1. Right Qualification

This is the first step in considering a plumber for your plumbing job. The plumber has to be licensed and their vehicle should also display the license number on it. Other than that the plumber shall also be licensed and insured so that if anything goes wrong, you can keep your worries aside.

2. Work Experience

Once you get to know that the plumber is licensed but does that mean he is experienced enough to carry out the job. It is always better to hire an experienced plumber with the necessary skills in order to get the job done right at first.

3. Expense/Cost Breakdown and Estimates

  • Before finalizing the plumber always ask for quotes. Compare the prices of different services such as basement waterproofing, sump pump installation, drain repair, etc. with different plumbing contractors and their relevant experience.
  • Check all the terms and conditions such as work timings, advance payments, etc.
  • Check whether the quote is inclusive of labor, materials, taxes, contingency, etc. You can also ask them if the quote is ‘flat rate’ for a complete job or will there be a variation on the basis of hours.
  • Also, ask the plumber which mode of payment he expects such as bank transfer, credit cards, etc.
  • Ask the plumbing contractor to include the post-job cleanup in the quote.

4. After Sales Services

Check the duration of warranty of the replaced part or job performed with the plumbing company.

5. Turn Around Time

When you call a plumbing contractor always confirm their response time when a problem is reported so in case of emergency plumbing issues the contractor with the least amount of response time can help to control the damage.

6. References

Last but not the least always ask for references before you hire a plumbing contractor or you can ask your friends, family if they can help you with an experienced plumber whom they have a great experience with, as it is rightly said that the word of mouth is a primary marketing strategy for any business. You can even look at review sites to check before hiring a contractor in your area.

7. Metod of Payment Acceptance

If your contractor insist on cash only payment then something might be seriously off, beware that any reliable company would accept; checks, credit cards and issue you a proper receipt for your payment.

8. Warranty

All workmanship comes with warranty, either is 1year or lifetime warranty, dependably on the work or the repair being done; plumbing come with 1year warranty, underground plumbing like sewer and drain repairs come with 25 years of warranty.

Conclusion – Finding a reliable plumbing contractor considering all the above skills and factors can be a challenging task, however, ignoring them can disintegrate your entire plumbing system and will take a toll on your peace too.

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