Why Mold, Mildew, Fungus and Mushrooms Are Growing in Wet Basement?

Mushrooms that are growing in your wet basement are a serious problem and one that must be solved right away. Moreover, mushrooms or also called fungi are a form of mold which can quickly take over the basement if allowed. Fungi and mold eat the wood on which they live. And if they are left untreated, as a result, mold could spread across the room and begin to sprout mushrooms.

The most common cause of mold growth in your basement is excessive moisture and dampness. Therefore, moisture will cause wood and other particles to decay, making the ideal environment for mold and mushrooms.

Mold will grow on basically any type of surface counting dirt, wood, concrete and even paper.

Furthermore, because mold and fungi can take root on any surface, the first thing to be well inspected is the area between the leak and the mushroom growth; to ensure that there isn’t any kind of structural damage to the home.

Above all, when you notice that mushrooms are growing in your wet basement, or anyplace else in your home, it is recommended you instantly find and then fix the source of the moisture problem; then finally dispose the mold properly.

In addition, when you recognize the source of the moisture, you also have to correct any mechanical or structural problem. Doing this first is vital to solving the problem for good.


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