Most Horrible Case Scenarios about Basement Wall Damage in Toronto

Basement Wall Damage in TorontoDamage, for instance cracks in your basement walls, might be an indicator of underlying foundation or structural issues. Leaky pipes, windows or appliances can lead to mold and mildew growth behind the walls. These leaks will also most surely ruin the drywall. And if it is a slow leak that you didn’t even detected; you will not realize that poisonous mold is growing inside your walls, in anticipation of stinking or principally destructive levels. 

As a certified basement and also foundation repair company, here at Draintony Waterproofing we have seen and as well repaired some of the most horrible case scenarios that involve basement wall damage knowledgeable by the homeowners in Toronto.

What can Cause Most Horrible Basement Wall Damage Case Scenario in Toronto?

Water leaks are among the most damaging scenarios that can happen in your home. And they don’t always come from a disintegrated pipe. The old and corroded water heaters may also flood the basement; or maybe the city water main that will enter in your house. Moreover, if you live in a zone that is prone to flooding or you have rain spouts and gutters that empty very close to your house, water will seep into the walls and cause chaos on the foundation.

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