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Basement Lowering/Underpinning – Perfect House Begins Underneath

Basement Lowering It is not satisfactory anymore to only have a basement, but having the correct basement height; the plumbing required for the washroom and a fine amount of light that comes from the windows. Also…
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What May Cause a Basement Drain Backup?

Finding out the reasons why your basement drain is backing up takes a lot of estimation done by a professional technician; since the root of the cause is usually located in the deep and dark…
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Do I Need a Backwater Valve?

Inside the structure of your house there is a complex pattern of drains, pipes, vents and valves; in other words- your plumbing system. And just how regularly do you examine your house plumbing system? The…
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Basement Waterproofing

Tips to Protect Yourself through Water Damage

Flooded homes can be compared with natural disasters. Although they are very rare, they can occur unexpectedly. Water damages can happen due to a variety of different reasons. A highly skilled and experienced staff is…
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Is Your Sump Pump Ready For This Winter?

Is Your Sump Pump Ready For This Winter? If you belong in the group of new homeowners you may be just learning the tricks for its maintenance. Moreover, you perhaps don’t even know if your…
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Basement Waterproofing Reasons

Intention of Basement Drainage Systems

Mostly homeowners are not very well informed about the range of basement drainage systems. This is good reason why it is very important for you to hire professionals. Draintony knows how to always give you…
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Sewer Line Types and Materials

Although old homes have their own exceptional charm, they can also have a number of common problems when it comes to sewer line materials. Anyone moving into a home built more than 30 years ago…
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Basement Waterproofing Reasons

Waterproofing Reasons – Why Do It?

There are many reasons why waterproofing your basement is best option in some cases. Whether you like it or not, your wet basement is going to cause you problems faster than you think. The worst…
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Basement Improvement

Your basement is playing a crucial role in the general condition of your home. A finished basement is also a great investment. You will get an extra living space; home office, bedroom or a recreational…
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