Pipe Bursting – Low Cost Sewer Line Repair

When it comes to high performance and well-organized installation; there is no other alternate technique that comes so close to pipe bursting.

Pipe bursting is an established trenchless method; often considered as the final solution for restoration of severely damaged sewer systems; water, gas and other pipelines.

Yet, many homeowners are not aware what exactly pipe bursting represents; how it works; or that sometimes it’s the best solution for your property’s broken sewer line.

Fortunately, these days you don’t have to tear up your entire yard to repair a broken sewer pipe. All thanks to the trenchless repair technology advance.

Pipe bursting is the intended breaking of the damaged sewer system; using trenchless techniques to clear the way for the replacement system. Without physically removing the existing pipeline; only replacing it with schedule 40 or greater grade in the same position. It can in many cases give benefit when using it to increase the pipes flow capacity when needed.  

Pipe bursting is method used for replacing weak pipes such as; asbestos cement, clay, concrete and cast iron.

Depending on the source of the energy and the method of breaking the old pipes; there are three methods of pipe bursting:

  • Pneumatic,
  • Hydraulic,
  • And static pull.

Pneumatic and hydraulic methods are using dynamic force to break the old pipe; while static pull is using a stable pull force. Which method will be used is in great deal depending on groundwater circumstances, soil condition; the kind of the pipes; amount of up-sizing that is required and structure of the existing pipeline;  also depth of the pipeline and the use of appropriate equipment.

Pipe Bursting

The process starts with the opening of the existing pipe and forcing it out with a bursting tool. With the use of a cable a piece of the bursting tool is pull in through the accessible pipeline. When the expansion head is pull in through the existing pipe; it will push that pipe out completely until it breaks apart. That’s how the space for the new pipe is creating. Also, at the same time the bursting piece of equipment is pulling the new pipeline right behind it; directly filling the empty space with the new pipe.

Pipe bursting trenchless technique can be used for replacing existing pipes with equally sized or even larger pipes. Even though the most frequent replacement situation is a same size replacement; the replacement with a larger diameter pipe can be also accomplished with the use of proper pipe bursting method.

Pipe bursting nowadays will last only few hours.

It is a very simple and competent function that makes pipe bursting one of the most favorite pipe replacement methods. This is placing the trenchless technology at a highest level. The pipe replacement technique in many circumstances is number one choice for many homeowners. Many sewer industry professionals are using it also.

The trenchless pipe bursting is more effective and safer than the traditional digging replacement. Moreover, the pipe bursting professional application will limit the expensive work; and also the costs for the repair of your lawn that will come with the use of the traditional pipe replacement. So, you will surely not have to worry about grass and soil replacement; and also struggle with the damaged property. The pipe bursting technique is making the entire process simple.

However, pipe bursting has limitations. They can occur from malformed pipe all along the pipeline; expansive soil, when other service lines are very close and other.

But, in almost every way; this inventive technique will meet all of your pipe replacement requirements. It is more effective than any other solution. Damaged sewer pipe in your home is always a major inconvenience. But making the right choice will limit the stress level and save you some extra money. However, for choosing the right kind of trenchless repair for your specific needs; you must have a little knowledge for the whole procedure. Always contact professionals in that field. Don’t make that choice by yourself.