How to Save on Basement Remodeling Costs?

Re-modeling your basement can cost anywhere between $35000-$80000, depending on the size of your basement, the materials you use, whether or not you opt in for a bathroom/kitchen, the type of ceiling you choose, whether or not you insulate your basement and many other factors.

There are two main drivers when it comes to how you determine the value of some the above-mentioned costs. The first one is optics. Do you want your basement to look modern, fancy or do you want it to be conservative? The second driver behind how you see value is practicality. Insulating your basement will not add much optically but it will reduce your heating bill.

How to Save on Basement Remodeling Costs?

1. Opt-out of a Bathroom

If the basement has not been done at all, it can get quite costly to bring plumbing down and potentially demolish a concrete slab to build a new washroom. It is cheaper to re-model an existing washroom, depends on the materials used in inside. For example, custom cabinetry is a lot costlier than of the rack vanity and cabinets. Custom shower glass is more than double the price than stock shower glass as well as high quality tiles.

2. Replace Hardwood Floor with a High-quality Laminate

If you look at some of laminate floors available these days, you can hardly tell the difference between a good engineered laminate and a hardwood floor. The floor is a key part overall look and feel of the basement and choosing a good-looking laminate will add to the total optics of the basement. Some people choose carpet as an option. This works well if you are concerned about noise and if you have children that play on floor.

3. Opt-out for a Gypsum Ceiling

Going from a gypsum ceiling to an architectural ceiling can cost more than double the price. You can get a good Gypsum ceiling made at $2.5 per Sq/ft. Architectural ceiling can cost upwards of $7 per sq/ft.

4. Paint Your own Walls

Because you will have an empty basement at this stage of the re-modeling process it is always cheaper to just paint the walls yourselves and save the labor cost of $1000-$3000 depending on how complex the job is. Buying the materials and paint yourself will save you over 70% of the total cost of painting.

5. Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is not a necessity and a lot of people opt out of this service because it can get quite costly. However, this one is too important to ignore. The tricky part is that some people don’t understand the value until it’s too late. The upfront investment is totally worth it because it is a long-lasting service and it will protect your house from leaks, floods and all sorts of unpleasant and costly damages.


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