Sewer Line Repair Toronto – Starts At $1,500

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Sewer and drain repair

Sewer backup means not only sewer repair inconvenience but a big time sewer line replacement bill for sewer lateral line repair. Finding standing water in your basement or mud mess in your backyard is one of the first signs that something is possibly wrong with your sewer system.

Your pipes are representing a crucial aspect of your entire sewer system. They are responsible for the removal of the wastewater from your household. When they are professionally installed, they will serve you many years. But problems develop over time, whether because of the amount of wear and tear that they carry on over time; or because of imperfect installation or also unintentional damage. 

All of the pipes in your home are connected to the main sewer line. Any inappropriate use of these pipes, and also many other outside factors, can affect the main sewer line and cause sewer backup. In time, the main sewer line will become clogged to the point for serious repair and even replacement.

So, when it comes to the effectiveness of your pipes, you have to make sure that you rely on an experienced service source.

Here at Draintony, we use an amount of techniques for easy and less-invasive pipe inspecting and sewer line repair in Toronto. Furthermore, we are using a sewer camera inspection to examine the issues in the sewer without tearing up your yard first. Whether you need a complete sewer line repair or replacement, we are contractor that will get the job done in the correct way. Starting with the free estimate what the job will require, and then obtain the required permit for larger projects which require them; and always in constant communication with the homeowners from project start until finish.

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