Signs That You Need to Replace Your Window Well

You aren’t quite sure what a window well is? Well, it is a U-shaped product designed to fit around your basement windows. It has many functions: providers of sunlight and views for our basements, makes basement windows excellent emergency exits and takes water away from our basement windows. As the name suggests, a window well gathers water and if problems occur it can result in water pouring through the window. If similar problems are happening to you, consider replacing your window well.

Here are the 3 signs that you need to replace your window well:

  1. Water Leaks

It doesn’t have to be a big flood, check for other, more hidden signs of water leakage like moisture, mold and cracks. These may point to problems with the drainage system of your well or with the actual well. Inspect your drainage system, you may need to dig a deeper hole and install a new drainpipe which either drains the water far from the foundation or transfers it to the sump pump of your home.  You can also check the drainage by pouring water in the well with a hose. The water level must not reach the bottom of your window. If the actual well is causing your problem then a replacement is a must.

  1. Loose Window Wells

Sometimes the window well loosens up and moves away from the house because it isn’t properly attached to the basement walls anymore. This occurs because of freezing weather conditions or thawing over time. It is not something you want because it allows dirt to push in and clog your drainage system which will make you end up with the first issue – water leaks. Loose window wells have to be dug out and replaced by new ones. A new layer of gravel should be added in this process.

  1. Old Window Wells

Everything ages over time and so do window wells. It seems like age is not an issue, but time makes material have less quality and the basic functions it provides may start disappearing. If you have an old window well, definitely schedule a check up to see if it still functions properly. Rust and bumps on the well are great indicators that your well needs inspection and basic refreshments.

Soil Plugs the Drain

Proper choice of window well is important and size always matters. If your window well size isn’t suitable then it can cause bigger issues. If it’s narrow soil can push in from the sides and plug the drains. If the well is too short, water may arise and push in, along with soil which YET AGAIN will plug your drains. So remember to measure your window and talk to an expert before adding a new one.

Extra Precaution You Can Take

Take care of your window wells and along with decorating them and focusing on beauty, start cleaning them. They need their maintenance, so check if your wells are being flooded with debris. Leaves or snow stuck in the well won’t allow water to be properly drained. If debris starts becoming a common problem then put a “bubble cover” over your well. It prevents water and debris to enter and plus it lets you keep your basement window view.

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