An efficient sump pump will help you avoid stress of a flooded basement; giving you a priceless line of defense in keeping moisture away from your belongings and your home.

At Draintony, we offer a variety of valuable basement and crawlspace waterproofing solutions; including sump pump repair, replacement and maintenance for Toronto area homeowners. With our free estimates and competitive price match, we will easy find out if a pump will save you from a destructive inside flood.

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Electric pump that is usually placed in a pit in the basement; or on the lowest point of your home. During the heavy rainstorms, the water that will otherwise overflow your basement area is diverted in the sump pump pit. When the level of the water will reach a certain point, the float valve on the pump activates and starts to flush; removing the water from your home so it will not flood the basement. Sump pumps are cost-effective way to protect your valuables and avoid major damage in your basement.

Here’s how the pump works; In general, the pump is on standby; basically waiting until it is needed. When the rain begins to fall heavily, the soil all around your home is becoming oversaturated. The excess groundwater will funnel in the direction of the sump pit; and it will begin to fill it with water. This activates the float switch and turns on the pump.

Moreover, by removing the water from the pit and also draining it in a close by dry well, storm drain or detention pond; the pump will prevent the groundwater to rise on the level of your floor, and cause a flood. So you can think of a sump pump as additional piece of your flood insurance.



Without a doubt, sump pump offers priceless insurance opposite a flooded crawlspace or basement. Draintony is happy to provide sump pump installation services to Toronto area homeowners. It’s well known that one-time cost of prevention can make everyone’s live easier; rather than dealing with the physical, emotional and also financial tension of flood recovery. When installed, our team of certified technicians will also handle the pump repairs so you will never have to worry about dealing with a wet basement again.

Even when you are at work or maybe on vacation, the pump is working 24/7; so you better trust her in order to create a protected environment in your basement. You will be able to use the basement as storage space or just for amusement with confidence that your belongings will always stay dry and safe.

In other words, sump pump is small investment with great advantages. This is how you may benefit from adding it up to your house;

  • It will improve inside air quality
  • Reduce mildew, mold and fungus growth
  • Keep the paint and other wall covering from peeling
  • Protect your basement against flood
  • Preserve basement appliances; like the dryer and washer from corrosion
  • Discourage the termites invasion
  • Makes the basement drier and also more comfortable all year-long


Sump pump is a simple system that will provide peace of mind to everyone who is concerned about a flood in the basement or in the crawlspace. Also, the pumps usually have three main components working together; in order to detect and then eliminate the excess water right before a wet basement happens.

Sump Pump, basement pump, battery backup pumps, sump pump installation, sump pump repair, sump pump battery backup, sump pump Toronto, sump pump alarm,Firstly, a sump pit is placed in the lowest part of your home. This is usually the corner of your basement or also crawlspace where the water is naturally collecting. Sump pits can be lined or gravel. Lined pit draws the water from the soil around the house by a drain. The gravel sump pit is absorbing the water from the near ground. For aesthetics and also safety, the pit typically has a discreet cover on the top.

A float or also called “switching device” is monitoring the water level in the sump pit. And when the level of the water will start to increase, the sump pump alarm will sound. The switch is then triggered and the sump pump activated.

The sump pump can be submerged in the pit or also, located on a small platform out of the water. No matter what kind of pump you have, when the trigger is activated, the sump pump will draw the water and eject it all the way through a drainage pipe to the outer surface of your home. And this process will continue until the level of the water is back to safe level and then the switching device will shut off. This prevents flood 24/7.


Despite the fact that the benefit of the sump pump is clear; some properties are in need of these devices more than others do. We advise you to install a sump pump if:

  • You live in an environment that receives heavy rain and snow.
  • If your house is built on a plot that is flood-prone.

Low lying houses, poorly draining soil, and the homes that are surrounded by hills will more likely experience increasing groundwater levels during heavy rains or snow.

  • You have had water problems earlier.

It is wise to install a sump pump if you have had flooded basement before; or if you repeatedly struggle with the high moisture levels in the basement.

  • If your basement is finished.

Even if your property is not at high-risk, you should consider protecting it with a reasonably priced sump pump.


  • The pump is running very long time
  • Irregular use
  • Noticeable rust
  • Extraordinary noises
  • Extreme vibration when operating
  • Unequal cycling
  • Stuck motor
  • A pump that is more than 10 years old

Sadly, many homeowners realize that there is a problem with their sump pump when it fails; and then it is too late. Our certified technicians at Draintony will provide you a complete inspection of your pump and determine if it is working properly. If there is any problem, we will replace your pump and avoid any damage to your property.

Basement WaterproofingIn addition, adding a backup system is a good way to ensure your sump pump works well all the time. There are two types of sump pump backups; battery or water powered. Sump pump battery backup is power-driven by a large battery; and the system kicks on when power is out, which allows your pump to keep up pumping the water. If you have well system, this is best choice for a sump pump backup. Furthermore, a water-powered sump pump backup is powered by the home’s water supply; and is a good option for a second protection if your sump pump fails.


Don’t wait to find yourselves ankle deep in water. Trouble-free preventive care can guarantee your basement sump pump is in great working order; and also ready to keep your house safe when the heavy rain is in the forecast.

These are few things to do for maintaining your sump pump:

  1. Make sure that power is running to the sump pump circuit. All pumps work off of a GFCI electrical connection. That connection is essential for maintaining a pump powered up.
  2. Vibrations may sometimes cause the pump to lean. Make sure that the sump pump is upright.
  3. Occasionally you should remove the submersible pump from the pit to clean the grate placed at the bottom for preventing debris clogging the system.
  4. Remove anything that might block the outlet pipes that distribute the water from the sump pump to the outer surface.
  5. Make sure that the external pipes are draining the water from the pump at least 20ft from your property foundation.
  6. Check if any debris is blocking your discharge line.
  7. You can perform a manual test if the pump is working properly. Pour approximately five gallons of water in the sump pit in order to trigger its automatic run. Then check the external pipe if the water is flowing out of your house and in the exact direction.


  1. Clogged and also frozen discharge lines.
    It is common for debris to cause a clog. So you must constantly clear the area outside of your home; where the discharge line leaves your house.
  2. Power failure.
    Sump pump relies on electricity. Installing a battery backup system is next line of defense.
  3. Lack of maintenance.
    The simple way to avoid a pump breakdown is to test your system every 3-4 months; particularly during the rainy months.


If you are certain that a sump pump is right choice for your Toronto and GTA home; it’s very important to have the appliance installed and also serviced by a certified plumbing expert. Draintony will meet your needs as we offer upfront, free, written estimate and price match policy. Our professional team will lead you through the pump installation and repair procedure so you will know precisely what to expect.

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The city of Toronto has a “Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program” which assists homeowners with a financial subsidy of up to $3,400 to install flood protection devices like a Sump Pump.

(*See Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy *)

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