Sump Pump Installation Toronto – Starts At $1,200

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An efficient sump pump will help you avoid stress of a flooded basement; giving you a priceless line of defense in keeping moisture away from your belongings and your home.

At Draintony, we offer a variety of valuable basement and crawlspace waterproofing solutions; including sump pump repair, replacement and maintenance for Toronto area homeowners. With our free estimates and competitive price match, we will easy find out if a pump will save you from a destructive inside flood.

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Electric pump that is usually placed in a pit in the basement; or on the lowest point of your home. During the heavy rainstorms, the water that will otherwise overflow your basement area is diverted in the sump pump pit. When the level of the water will reach a certain point, the float valve on the pump activates and starts to flush; removing the water from your home so it will not flood the basement. Sump pumps are cost-effective way to protect your valuables and avoid major damage in your basement.

Here’s how the pump works; In general, the pump is on standby; basically waiting until it is needed. When the rain begins to fall heavily, the soil all around your home is becoming oversaturated. The excess groundwater will funnel in the direction of the sump pit; and it will begin to fill it with water. This activates the float switch and turns on the pump.

Moreover, by removing the water from the pit and also draining it in a close by dry well, storm drain or detention pond; the pump will prevent the groundwater to rise on the level of your floor, and cause a flood. So you can think of the pump as additional piece of your flood insurance.


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