What is a battery Back up?

Even though tons of homeowners have invested in sump pumps; stormy conditions still result in basements floods. Blaming the actual waterproofing system or the sump pump itself isn’t going to do you any good. Instead, read this helpful information on why every sump pump should have battery back-up as support.

The key role for a basement waterproofing system is the sump pump. Its main role is to conduct water pathways. Additional parts such as weeping tiles or drains, gather excess water and direct it to the sump pump from where it is pumped out to a proper disposal area such as the sewer. Usually, this mechanism is accompanied by a backwater valve which ensures proper functionality. Taking into consideration the unpredictable situations in sewer pipes; the main thing one should do to protect the home is installing a backwater valve. This valve automatically turns on where the possibility for sewer water back up occurs. Shutting down the connection between the sewer line and the sump pump; a backwater valve will prevent a sewer flood thus harmful bacteria and contamination in your home.

Why a battery Back up?

To deliver all of the benefits for homeowners; sump pumps need to be connected with electricity. Because their main power source is electricity; they are vulnerable to malfunctions during power shortages. To keep your sump pump running even during a power shortage due to a severe storm; you should have a battery back up installed in the basement. This battery back up ensures that the sump pump is always doing its best job; protecting your home and basement from excessive flooding. Other scenarios of sump pump failure are overwhelmed pump; malfunction, detachment or battery drainage.

The Benefits of Battery Back Up

To sum up, the reasons why you should be considering to install a back-up as we speak; here are the benefits of having such additional protection:

  1. Minimize the risks for floods, even during severe storms
  2. Simple to install & easy to clean
  3. Give homeowners a piece of mind
  4. Some advanced battery backups alert homeowners for potential risk of a flood or extreme water damage.

Not every homeowner needs a battery back up though. If you live in a dry climate, without heavy rain or snow seasons and low water tables; a backed up sump pump won’t provide much additional help. However, if the number of annual storms exceeds 1, you definitely need a battery back up. Having everything in the basement sealed up and properly installed or protected is key to avoiding inconvenient situations such as finding your newly renovated and furnished basement drown into the sewer water.

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