Tips for Preventing Toilet Clogs

Preventing Toilet Clogs

Nothing causes fear more than seeing the water in the basin of a toilet rising instead of falling. This sight is an indication that the toilet sewage line has become clogged. What comes to mind is to take the plunger and fish it around the bottom of the toilet to dislodge any blockages.

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When the toilet gets clogged, it brings about an unpleasant experience like the dirty toilet water spilling everywhere with a foul smell making the toilet not usable. Toilets do not just get clogged, there must have been some items that did not get flushed down the drain properly.

Here are 5 tips for preventing toilet clogs:

1. Double-flush

Toilet paper is one of the causes of toilet clogs. Although toilet paper should dissolve when put into water, it does not dissolve at once. So, do not use too much toilet paper and when flushing toilet paper. Flush the toilet twice to ensure that it gets flushed down the drains and to reduce the chances of creating a clog.

2. Watch What You Flush

A toilet is used to dispose whatever comes from your body; it is not to be used as a trash can. Avoid getting the following objects into the toilet:

1. Dental floss

2. Cotton balls, swabs or Q-tips

3. Baby wipes

4. Feminine hygiene products such as tampons, tampon applicators, and sanitary pads.

5. Hard objects that will not dissolve such as toys and crayons.

6. Stick-like objects

7. Small particles of food.


3. Keep Grease Away from Your Toilet

Avoid putting grease in any drain or toilet. The cool water in the toilet makes the grease solidify in no time. Grease can clog the toilet where it connects to the floor as grease builds up slowly on the walls of the pipes and can trap other objects flowing down.


4. Kill Tree Roots and Tree Stumps

Tree roots and tree stumps can make you spend thousands of dollars in damages. Pipes are a good source of nutrients, water, and oxygen to roots; so, roots tend to head for sewer lines. It is essential to kill tree stumps and tree roots because a root can grow quickly into the pipe when it finds a leak and blocks the flow of waste.Ensure to use barriers and slow-release chemicals such as potassium hydroxide and copper sulfate to prevent root growth into the sewer and underground pipes and clog them up.

5. Call a Professional Plumber

When your toilet or drains clog up, Contact a plumber to come and fix the problem.


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