Unclogging a Toilet Without a Plunger

Is your toilet clogged and you don’t have a plunger? You are probably panicking as your toilet is backed up. You are also probably wondering how you unclog a toilet without a plunger.

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Here is how you unclog a toilet without a plunger:

1. Remove some water

Since your toilet is overflowing you need to remove some water to make room for the upcoming bowl additions necessary to remove the blockage.

2. Pour dish soap for lubrication

You should pour dish soap to lubricate your toilet to help slide down solids and toilet paper down the pipe.

3. Pour very hot water

Grab a gallon or 3.8 litres of very hot, but not boiling water into the bowl. Using boiling water can crack the porcelain of your toilet bowl. So make sure the water you pour is at a temperature you could drink hot tea comfortably.

4. Be patient and wait

After pouring the very hot water into the toilet bowl, you should wat a few minutes to help break up solids and toilet paper. If you are not able to flush after a few minutes, repeat the first 3 steps again.

5. Pour baking soda and vinegar

If the first 3 steps does not work, pour a cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar into the toilet. Keep in mind that the mixture of baking soda and vinegar will fizz and bubble. So before you do this, make sure you remove any excess water from the bowl to prevent overflow.

6. Use a coat hanger

If step 5 does not work, use a wire coat hanger to stir things up and push down debris down the pipe. Straighten the wire and duct tape a rage at the end of the wire to prevent the sharp edges from scratching the porcelain of the toilet. Then, twist and push the wire down in the drain in a circular motion, pushing against the obstruction in order to clear it.

7. Call a professional

If step 6 does not work, then it is time to call a professional. You can contact Draintony for trusted professional plumbing services.

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