A Weeping Tile is a porous pipe with small slits or weep holes in It. When it rains or snows, water is absorbed into the ground and flows through the small slits or weep holes, sending the water to the sewers.

Weeping Tiles can be connected to a Sump Pump. When the water is absorbed, the Weeping Tile drains into a solid pipe leading direct into a sump pit, where the water collected in the sump pit can then be removed by a Sump Pump.

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There are two different types of Weeping Tile systems to consider: interior and exterior.

An interior Weeping Tile sits on the inside of the basement running along the floor, or lowest points of the basement, to help manage water that passes underneath or through the foundation.

An exterior Weeping Tile system sits during outside of your home along the foundation to prevent moisture before it is able to penetrate.