What Causes Slow Draining Sink?

A slow draining sink may seem like a minor issue in the beginning but may turn out to be a complicated issue over time. Your sink should drain fast and run effectively. Meanwhile, a slow draining sink can result in more severe problems such as flooding, corrosion, sewage backup and more. Several factors are responsible for a slow draining sink.

In order to prevent a slow draining sink, it is crucial to know the causes. Here are some of the reasons for the slow draining sink.

1. Soap Scum

One of the causes of slow draining sink is soap residue. Most conventional soap bars are made with fat or grease, which will undoubtedly leave residue in the drains Over time, the pipes will become clogged and cause slow draining when the waste has increased in size to block the easy passage of water.

2. Hair

Hair is a major cause of a slow draining sink as it binds with other sticky substances to clog drains. You should avoid washing hair in the sink to prevent possible clogging and slow draining sink.

3. Dirt

Washing dirt or debris down your sink will end up clogging the drains and cause slow draining sink. Dispose of dirt properly into the trash bin and not in the sink.

4. Food Particles or Leftover

Your sink is not meant for pushing down food leftover as it can clog the sink. Place leftover food in the garburator to ensure that it will not block the pipes.

5. Tree Roots

If you have big trees in your compound, it is possible that the roots have gained access to the main sewage line and, therefore, cause a blockage that will result in the unavoidable slow draining sink. You may have the roots of the trees trimmed to prevent extensive damage to the sewage line.

6. Blocked P-trap

The P-trap is the curved part of the drainpipe located under the kitchen sink. Over time, the P-trap will become blocked by grease, food residues, soap scum, etc. This will, undoubtedly, block the pipe and cause a slow draining sink. Except the P-trap is removed and the clogging removed, the sink will continue to drain slowly.

Note the points discussed above and prevent them from entering your sink and pipes to avoid clogging your pipes and cause slow draining sink.

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