What is a Weeping Tile?

What is a Weeping Tile?

Basement waterproofing is a crucial process to keep the foundation of a home protected from water leakage that could damage it and compromise its integrity. Several steps or processes are involved in the basement waterproofing of a home, and weeping tiles are one of the crucial aspects.

A weeping tile is a hole or pipe located underground, around the foundation of the basement for discharging underground water. Usually, 4-inch pipes are used to drain water that could have otherwise seeped into the basement or foundation of a house. A weeping tile is also known as a perimeter tile or drain tile.

A weeping tile sometimes can drain water into the sump pit where a pump will remove the water. Weeping Tile Installation is done to drain water from the basement foundations, and therefore, is an essential part of basement waterproofing.

Where Is a Weeping Tile Located?

The 4-inch plastic pipes are installed in a trench dug around the outside of the perimeter of a home or under the basement foundation. The holes side of the pipes would face up to allow water flow through the holes into the pipe, and through the pipe into the sump pump or outside the home. The pipes through the holes on them become functional when the groundwater rises and flows into them for discharge.

How Is a Weeping Tile Installed?

The Installation of a weeping tile is very technical, and you should hire a professional for the job. As a crucial aspect of basement waterproofing, you cannot afford a poorly installed weeping tile. Here are the steps involved in the Installation of a weeping tile.

  • Digging of a 12-inch wide trench around the outside perimeter of the home.
  • Filling the trench with 2 or 3-inch washed gravel.
  • Laying of a rigid PVC with pre-drilled holes and covering the pipe with landscape fabric.
  • Backfill the trench with gravel and sand.

How Is a Weeping Tile Maintained?

It is crucial rusty you maintain the weeping tile regularly to make the basement waterproofing of your home effective. Below is how you can maintain the weeping tile in your house.

  • Always clean the gutters of debris and leaves and redirect downspouts away from the foundation of the home.
  • If the weeping tile discharges into the sump, ensure that the sump pump runs appropriately.
  • Always walk around the building to check for pooling water or spongy soil, in order to call an expert to fix the weeping tile.

It is essential to have your weeping tile inspected and fixed before the time of torrential rain in your region to ensure that your basement waterproofing works effectively and your home is free from basement flooding.

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