What is Internal Waterproofing?

What is Internal Waterproofing?

Internal Waterproofing is the process of making the interior of a house dry and free from water.Internal Waterproofing ensures that the inside of a huge stays dry irrespective of the state of water around the house outside.

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Benefits of Internal Waterproofing


1. Internal Waterproofing is best for areas that cannot be accessed from the exterior due confines space.

2. Internal Waterproofing is a cost-effective solution especially for uncompleted living areas where the external waterproofing is not yet appropriate due to the state of the project.

3. Internal Waterproofing prevents mold from developing in the home. Mold not only destroy where it grows but also creates health problems for the inhabitants of the home.

4. Internal Waterproofing improves the quality of air in the home.

5. Internal Waterproofing promotes the health of the dwellers of a home. People with bronchitis will not be exposed to any risk since mold cannot develop. No allergic reaction could happen to anyone having prevented mold development in the home.

Internal Waterproofing Process

Internal Waterproofing requires knowing the areas of the house, which are more susceptible to seepage from the exterior for correct waterproofing process.

1. Floor and Wall

An internal drainage system can be installed in the home to re-route water inflow to the right point of discharge. Internal Waterproofing ensures that water flows towards the wall and from water, the footing is intercepted and re-routed properly.

2. Sump Pump

The underlying purpose of any Basement Waterproofing procedure is to create a point where the water in the system will be discharged. When new or additional drainage option cannot be created or the existing drainage system has been blocked, a Sump Pump is more appropriate waterproof the home. Draintony will dig a pit in the basement of the home and that will be the lowest point of the waterproofing system. A high-quality plastic liner will be installed inside, the pit and water will flow into it through gravity drainage.

A Sump Pump has a component, a trigger that senses water build-up. The trigger removes water in the sump pit pumps to the outside of the building. For an effective sump pump system, high-quality line pumps and plumbing materials should be used.

Internal Waterproofing should be done by trained professionals to ensure that a thorough and quality job is done. Internal Waterproofing by a professional should lasts for a long time with all its benefits well delivered.

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