What Is Sewer Backup Protection?

Sewer Backup Protection

A sewer back up is a situation whereby drains get overloaded and sewage gets forced back toward every home through the sewer lines, up the drains in the basement, and through toilets, showers, and tubs. This situation could result from a heavy downpour accompanied by a heavy storm, tree roots, broken pipes, grease, or ground saturation. And it could let contaminated water into the home.

A sewer backup is capable of causing tens of thousands of dollars damages to your home. To protect
your home from sewer backup, you should install sewer backup protection. The most reliable and simple sewer backup protection is the backwater valve.

Backwater Valves

A backwater valve is a cost-effective device that prevents a sewer backup. It allows a one-way flow from
the home to the sewer and closes up as soon as a backflow is detected, to keep your home safe. Install a backwater valve into a sewer line or main drain to prevent sewer back flows. A correctly installed and maintained backwater valve only allows sewage to go out but not to come back in. It is the responsibility of homeowners or property owners to install and maintain backwater valves.

Why You Need to install a Backwater Valve

Sometimes, the sewer system in the city gets clogged and every home in the neighborhood continues to
flush toilets and run taps until they realize the problem. At that point, the water will start to back up into nearby empty pipes it can find. Sewage will pass through any pipe without a backwater valve and flood the basement – the kind of situation anyone does not desire.

Even if your home is on high ground, you still need to install a backwater valve. A sewer backup is
caused by a clog and not groundwater flooding; so, it can happen to a home at the top of a hill. Installing a backwater valve will protect your home against sewer surges.

Limitations of Backwater Valves

Backwater valves can only protect your home from sewer surges outside your home, and not inside your
home. In other words, if the high sewage level outside your home has floated the backwater valve, any waste flushed in the home will result in a backup within the home’s drains because it cannot find an exit.

A sewer backup is such a terrible condition; therefore, it is crucial to get a sewer backup protection to protect your home or business.


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