What Is That White Powder On My Basement Walls?

Sign of Moisture

The white powder that you see on the surface of the brick or concrete wall is efflorescence. It is a sign of moisture invasion that will lead to great structural damage; and inside air quality issue if you don’t approach it seriously.  Although the efflorescence itself is fairly harmless; it’s a sign of awaiting issues. It generally happens in basements with excess moisture. A circumstance that will also encourage the mold and other fungi growth.

efflorescence, What is that white powder on my basement walls?Efflorescence is dissolved calcium deposit on the façade of an absorbent material – like brick or concrete; visible after the departure of the water that transported it in the first place. The moisture which causes the efflorescence is often coming from the groundwater. However the excess snowmelt or rainwater can be also the source.

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