What Problems Can Clogged Gutters Cause?

Taking into consideration our busy lifestyles and tons of obligations, cleaning the gutters can be easily forgotten. Nonetheless, they must be cleaned at least 2 times a year, before or after the rainy seasons since unclean gutters can cause severe damage, even to a home’s foundation.

1. Roof Problems

The main role of a gutter is to secure a proper pathway for excess water to exit the home. If that pathway is blocked then the water will find a new path, probably directly toward your roof and attic. At first, water will start building up in certain areas, then it will start making cracks and finally, it will enter the inside of the roof, causing leaks, floods and mold growth. Some homeowners even had to call a professional roofing company to do roof replacement because unclean gutters extremely shortened the lifespan of their roof and resulted in frequent, expensive home repairs.

2. Mold Growth

We mentioned that clogged gutters cause water to freely run around your home. And when water starts traveling through roofs, walls, and basements it makes those areas moist. Mold loves moisture and once it finds a spot for nesting, it can spread to the entire house in a surprisingly short time. Mold can even be found in air ducts, pipes, and kitchen cabinets. It wouldn’t be such an alarming scenario if the mold wasn’t the cause for asthma attacks, allergies, and respiratory infections. Cleaning up your air ducts means providing health for you and your family.

3. Foundation Damage

Once water enters the walls and floors, it cannot be controlled. It finds every weak point of your home and uses it for destruction, making your newly purchased home totally unbearable to live in.  Window leaks, basement floods, floor cracks, and damp walls are only the beginnings of the damage excess water causes. If left unsolved, this issue can damage your home’s foundation and take down the most necessary mean of security. On top of that, fixing foundation damage will shake up your budget, leaving you nearly broke and wrapped up in regretful thoughts “If only I had cleaned my gutters…”.

How to Clean Your Gutters

Fortunately, cleaning gutters is very easy. You just need a friend, a ladder, some gloves and hose. The main threat which makes your gutters clogged is nature. This means that the enemies you have to get rid off are leaves, dirt, debris and sometimes even bird nests. In the middle of fall and spring or after a storm, climb on a ladder and take out the debris. After that, use a hose or a water bucket to rinse the area.

Winter is also a dangerous season for clogs as ice builds up in the gutters creates a severe blockage. This may be more difficult to clean than leaves, but it’s also an easy DIY job. If you are afraid of this job yourself; do not worry as there are trained experts which guarantee to make your gutters shiny and spotless.

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