Why Does My House Have So Much Moisture?

Excess moisture in your house needs urgent attention as it exposes your family to health risks and your property to damages. You may have been taking several steps to fix the level of humidity in your home with little or no success. As a result, you should know the causes of much moisture in your home to have the perfect solution. Below are some reasons for much humidity in your home.

  1. Damaged Basement Waterproofing

The basement waterproofing is supposed to protect water from seeping into the foundation and the home. However, when there are holes, cracks; or damage to the waterproofing materials, water would leak into the house and increase the moisture level within the home.

  1. Showering

The rate of moisture also increases when you take a shower. A large amount of humidity is released into the air within the house; which causes condensation and increased moisture. The level of moisture will keep rising as you take hotter showers.

  1. Cooking

Another cause of much moisture within the house is coking and the use of a kettle. The steam from cooking mixes with the air and increases the level of humidity. To prevent increasing the rate of moisture, install an extractor fan that will remove all the moisture you have in house from cooking or kitchen; and prevent it from increasing the moisture level in the house.

  1. Laundry Drying Indoors

When you resort to drying wet clothes indoor, it will result in high humidity levels in your house. You should stop this act if you have been drying clothes indoor; it will drop about 2 liters of water in your home, which will undoubtedly increase the moisture level you have in the house.

  1. Poor Ventilation

The quality of the air in your home is determined by the state of your ventilation. If the ventilation is good, the air in the house will be well circulated and be refreshed from time to time. But poor ventilation allows humidity to build up especially have moisture in house from cooking and showering.

  1. Modern Air Conditioning Systems

Modern AC systems are designed to work faster; and save about 50% in energy bill for using less energy. However, these advanced AC systems will raise the level of moisture humidity in your home; because they do not remove humidity from the air.

  1. Indoor Plants

Certain types of plants increase the level of humidity in a building when they are placed indoors. Although they are good for dehumidifying a room, they can also increase humidity. Moreover, examples of such plants include Areca Palm, Ficus Benjamin, Monsters, Asplundia, and Ginger. If the level of moisture in your home keeps increasing, take the plants outside.

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