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Toronto Waterproofing Services

Basement waterproofing services Toronto, above all, offers professional waterproofing services in Toronto and surrounding near by area; most importantly; equipped with the skills and knowledge, necessary for solving leaky basement and other foundation problems. We are first of all; expert  waterproofers in Toronto, that provide the most outstanding service available in the region; using top rated waterproofing products.  However; draintony as waterproofing company, also offers a full range of drain repair services. We will get the job done in the right way.

In Toronto, draintony is certainly, number one choice company for all of your needs, and above all; most importantly; will save you lots of money. Our team of qualified waterproofing experts are competing among the best waterproofing companies in Toronto and Toronto near by area.  In conclusion, we are definitely  always prepared to answer to your property’s requirements, and provide you with solution how to fix your leaky basement.

Contact us and book us for basement waterproofing services in Toronto; we will assure you that your home will be healthier and happier place.

locally owned and operated waterproofing and drainage company. So in other words; you will get a professional team that is already proven in your community. Every single one of our team members is carefully trained; and always ready to provide you the best customer experience possible.

be assured we trust in getting the job done right; and in conclusion; we will never suggest any kind of work that is not needed.

Among the best companies for Professional Basement Waterproofing Services in Toronto. We are locally owned and operated; specialized in Residential Interior and Exterior Waterproofing, Repairing Basement and Foundation Leaks and Cracks.

Moreover, we are committing to customize the solutions for every single project we work on. Furthermore, we will evaluate your home’s needs starting with sending one of our trained professionals to your home for a free estimation. In conclusion, we will also provide you with the best advice for most cost-effective method of protecting your home against future water damage.

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Waterproofing Reviews 

Toni’s guys have worked for us twice and both times we were impressed by their speed at digging and doing a great job. We are very satisfied customers!
Graciela Conde
Great team of guys, they did a bunch of exterior work before the lockdown while maintaining social distance. The team is also very punctual to work, and Tony himself is very easy to work with and easy to reach.
Jason Gao
Professional and excellent service. Workers were very respectful in our home and got the job done. Tony was very accessible and easy to communicate with. I would recommend Draintony to everyone
Robin Mitchell
Draintony waterproofed our basement. I would not have believed that it could have been done so superbly and professionally in every respect
Albert Pietersma

Waterproofing & Drainage Contractor in Toronto? 


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Clogged drainage system can be an enormous headache for any homeowner; particularly when it’s not handled on time. Slow draining, clogged sinks or blockage of the basement drain pipe are some of the issues that may come up and could demand emergency drain repairs and services. It’s important for homeowners to hire best and experienced drainage contractors who will handle the problem professionally. You can rely on Draintony in the Toronto area for basement waterproofing services and all of your drain repair issues.

Symptom Checker

Find out what could be causing problems in your home and what we recommend to fix it.

If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

It is essential to preserve all of the external facing elements – walls, roofs, windows and doors. Make sure you appropriately close everything every year. And, on a monthly basis, you must check the drainage and plumbing systems, the basement area and the sump pump; and also all downspouts on the external of the house.

Equipped with an infrared lighting, the snaking camera cable is illuminating the internal side of any sewer line or drain; and gives our plumbers a real-time evidence of blockages, breaks and corrosion.

In conclusion, you should save your money and your time; and also avoid confusion with camera inspection of your whole plumbing system right away. Our promise is rapid, reasonably priced service. We are proudly serving Toronto with emergency plumbing and drain cleaning services.

A musty smell in your basement is usually caused by mold or mildew; both thrive in dark and damp locations. Mold and mildew don’t just smell, they can also cause decay and great damage to your home. Their presence can lead to health problems like allergies or asthma. If you smell mold in your home, follow these steps;

  • Check for condensation and water leaks.
  • Dry out the basement-Use dehumidifier.
  • Kill the mold.
  • Clean the air after mold removal.

If the crack begins to extend at one end, it can be a sign of trouble. For security reasons, you must get a specialized technician in your house to evaluate anything that is wider than ½-inch. A horizontal crack that appears in the bed joint of the concrete block or also brick wall is a signal of a major breakdown, and it’s not supposed to be ignored.

Do you have standing water in your basement floor?

It’s no secret that moisture collects in the ground; and with your basement being located underground it is also surrounded by moisture all the time.  This is making your basement prone to water seepage. 

The three reasons why standing water is persistently showing up from the basement floor are; drain issue, leaking pipe or ground water.

First, you must check the sump pump plug to see if it’s functioning or defective. Second, examine if the float switch is anchored to the side of the sump pump or to something else. Next, feel the sump pump for vibration. If it is powered on it vibrates. Then check the pipes for any kind of blockage when the pump is on but the water level is not going down. Lastly, try inspecting the drain pipes and remove the debris if it is clogged. If you do experience water damage due to a sump pump failure, Draintony will provide you best water damage restoration services. Call us today for more information.

When dealing with efflorescence, prevention is way more effective than the removal; and it will save you time and also money in the future. Persistent efflorescence may be an indicator of continuing problem of the water intrusion, which has to be addressed before it can cause lasting damage to the structure. The best time for removing the efflorescence is when the weather is dry and warm. There are three ways for removing the efflorescence from the blocks, bricks or concrete. We recommend  stiff brush, water rinse or chemical cleaning.

In general, the cause for rising and penetrating damp is inappropriate ground and surface drainage. The excess water from the downspouts, overflow or saturated ground might easily go through even in the tiniest cracks in your foundation or wick through absorbent walls. The best way to stop moisture from rising and penetrating damp is by improving the surface water drainage (redirect downspouts or install French drains), then repair the damage and also ventilate the space.

If your yard does not have adequate slope to allow the rainwater to run off; you will end up with standing water that will kill your grass, leak through your home foundation and create a perfect environment for the mosquitoes. Clearly, it is a very good idea to deal with the drainage problems sooner rather than later.      

Stuck doors and windows are mostly signs of damaged foundation. They can stick, move back and forth open after pushed shut; or they can have gaps around the top and the bottom when your foundation is sinking. The cause for the sinking foundation is the house settlement; when the soil your house is no longer capable to support the weight of your house. 

If you are not sure if a stuck window or door is caused by your house settling, check these other signs: drywall cracks, uneven floors or gaps between the floor and the wall.

Sagging floors are more common than you can imagine. The widespread causes are wood rot caused by water leaks, wood-eating insects, soil settlement and undersized beams. There are many other potential causes; but from our experience the ones we just mentioned are to blame to a great extent for the problem.

Settling is an expression used for describing the natural changes that take place in a foundation due to the time and also the weather. In time, a new home will slowly but surely sink down further in the ground. Every contractor takes the climate and the soil into account when supervising a home’s construction. Do not presume that your sparkling new home is protected from foundation issues. Some of the worst damages can happen in homes less than five years old. The damage might be caused by numerous factors; from inappropriate soil preparation when the home was built to excessive weather conditions. If you have found signs of a foundation problem; contact the foundation repair team at Draintony. We will help you before the issue gets worse.

Waterproofing Products

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  • Delta MS, Membrane
  • PVC Drain Pipes
  • Yellow Jacket Mesh




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