Backwater Valve Installation Toronto – Starts At $1,800

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Backwater Valve

Every time there is an unexpected downpour; there is a threat that your basement will experience a water backup problem. Try to imagine municipal wastewater and dirt filling up your basement, destroying everything. Luckily, you can prevent this just by installing a backwater valve. The valves flap is closing automatically when the sewage is forced back.

The basement in your home is first place where backup will take place. And also if the ground floor is slight than a foot over the street level, then a backwater valve is a must.

To make certain that the backwater valve is properly installed, the job should be done by a professional plumbing contractor. The backwater valve should be placed in an accessible place. And when it’s located inside a ceiling or a wall, removable panel or access door must be provided.

How do backwater valves work?


Backwater valve,The sewer system in your home allows sewage and wastewater to flow out of your house. The backwater valve will stop the sewage or water from flowing back in your house if the main sewer lines become overloaded. Generally, you can ensure if it is working appropriately just by looking through the plain cover on the backwater valves access box.

There is a small flap in the backwater valve that normally when open allows water to go out from your home. There is a tiny float device on every side of the flap. If sewage or wastewater starts to go back into the house; these floaters will cause the flap to lift up and then close, therefore preventing everything from entering into your home.

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