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Every time there is an unexpected downpour; there is a threat that your basement will experience a water backup problem. Try to imagine municipal wastewater and dirt filling up your basement, destroying everything. Luckily, you can prevent this just by installing a backwater valve. The valves flap is closing automatically when the sewage is forced back.

The basement in your home is first place where backup will take place. And also if the ground floor is slight than a foot over the street level, then a backwater valve is a must.

To make certain that the backwater valve is properly installed, the job should be done by a professional plumbing contractor. The backwater valve should be placed in an accessible place. And when it’s located inside a ceiling or a wall, removable panel or access door must be provided.

How do backwater valves work?


Backwater valve,The sewer system in your home allows sewage and wastewater to flow out of your house. The backwater valve will stop the sewage or water from flowing back in your house if the main sewer lines become overloaded. Generally, you can ensure if it is working appropriately just by looking through the plain cover on the backwater valves access box.

There is a small flap in the backwater valve that normally when open allows water to go out from your home. There is a tiny float device on every side of the flap. If sewage or wastewater starts to go back into the house; these floaters will cause the flap to lift up and then close, therefore preventing everything from entering into your home.

And when the water stops flowing back into the house; the gravity will allow the flap to fall again in the open position, so the sewage and wastewater can continue flowing out of your home.

When the backwater valve is not installed in the initial construction, you will need a plumbing permit from your city. Moreover, without an appropriately installed backwater valve; the sewage can flow back in the basement through the floor drain, sink, tub, toilet or more. You should find out if any local permit is required, and what kind of equipment is recommended also. Check whether your downspouts and drains are connected to the weeping tiles and the sanitary sewer. Usually, if you cut off the foundation drain; your home will then need a sump pit and pump installation. So we recommend, always contact a professional plumber for an advice for how to properly disconnect the downspouts and the foundation drains. Hire a qualified plumber. Hire Draintony. We can install the backwater valve and also obtain any necessary permit.

What can you do when something goes wrong?


You must check at least annually in order to remove any dirt or debris that may clog the backwater valve and make sure that all moving parts are free. Most backwater valves have cover that is easy removable; so quick cleaning can be done. However be careful. To be certain that the system is clean the experts will recommend running hot soapy water through your sink first. Constantly wear a rubber gloves while cleaning the valve; and also use a long handle brush to scrub under and around the flap. Mostly valves have manufacturer’s recommendation regarding the maintenance.

Furthermore, look at the O-ring around the lid just to be sure that it is in good quality condition. If it is not, you must replace it to ensure a good seal. Also, you should check the floats on each side of the flap. Replace them if it’s necessary. If they are worn, they can lose their capability to float. Then they will not be capable to lift the flap when it’s necessary.

In order to keep all flowing smoothly, consider NOT to flush things as wipes or diaper liners. When disposing these in the garbage, and not in the toilet; you will save your system from doing extra work. And hopefully prevent the system getting clogged.

If you are not sure about the backwater valve condition; or even not happy trying it yourself, call a plumber.

Call Draintony and we will do a free inspection.


If you have a correctly positioned and also installed backwater valve, you should not experience many problems; as long as you maintain it properly. Things may get stuck, and prevent the valve from closing; or the backwater valve may get damaged by the sharp items. Right, regular maintenance may catch any issue before there is a very serious problem. The backwater valves are typically easily accessible; and always with clear top, so you are able to see if the water is flowing without restraint or if something is stuck. There are a many videos that can help you to do it yourself maintenance. But it is always better to contact an expert. If you try to clear the valve on your own; then follow all instruction cautiously.

When your valve is working properly, in the case of city sewer backup during a major rainstorm; the valve will close, and that is precisely what has to happen. However, when that valve is closed, the water can’t flow out of your home either. And yes you can count on certain amount of space for storage in your plumbing system; but do not shower, also don’t run your dishwasher or washing machine all at once during a period of extreme snow melting or major rain storm. This is because not any of this water will flow out of your house once the valve is closed. You could easily end up flooding your house.

What is the life expectancy of the backwater valve?


With the right maintenance your backwater valve will last many years. Always follow the recommendations from the manufacturer; and as a minimum check and clean the valve at least once a year. As previously mentioned, keep your system free out of unnecessary things. This will extend the backwater valves life expectancy.

The advantages of installing a Backwater valve in Toronto with Draintony

  1. The service we provide is complete. We will protect the floors where the workers will move around in order to get the job done. Also at the end we will perform job area installation cleanup.
  2. Our installations are approved in accordance with the particular municipal regulations.
  3. We have superior customer service. And we will teach you about the essentials of operating and maintenance of your backwater valve. We always do a follow-up call one week after the work is done, in order to be sure that everything is working as it should.

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