There are a couple of situations where you would need Sewer Camera Inspection. One example is when you’re buying a new property with existing plumbing. Another example is when you’re looking to build or remodel a new bathroom or laundry room.

We recommend having the plumbing inspected with existing plumbing or to see which way the pipes are running. Sewer Camera Inspection will check your drains for problems like leaks, blockages, or collapsed pipes.

The camera scopes the drain to view and determine the pipe’s condition. The camera can also locate drains that are buried underground up to 15 feet in depth. Camera inspection is first recommended when dealing with Clogged Drains or if they need locating. This diagnostic helps narrow down the work of what exactly needs to be repaired and to price the excavation cost up front.

Sewer Camera Inspection pinpoints the drain’s exact problem and helps in knowing what equipment is needed and the right technique to use to save both money and time.

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Below are the benefits of using sewer camera inspection, but you can read more about the Benefits of Using a Sewer Drain Camera for Inspection in our Blog.
It can be used anywhere

The camera inspection makes it possible to find clogs no matter how deep or far it might be located.

It is more accurate

The camera inspection can be used to determine the exact location of the clog in the line, visually identify a break, determine the location of a break in the drain and ascertain the present condition of the sewer line.

It can discover more sewer line problems

The camera inspection can reveal other problems that the sewer line has such as slow leaks in the pipe and severely rusted pipes.

It can help to prevent further blockages

The camera inspection can help you know the steps to take to prevent further blockages in the future.


Are you experiencing constant drain blockages? Then, you might need to have your drain pipes repaired or replaced. Are you looking to do renovations or construction around your residential or commercial property? Then, you should know what is going on below your property.

Draintony can locate your drain pipe for you to locate the problem area of the drain pipe. With our Drain Locating process, we will map out exactly where the pipes are and how deep they are, in and around your home.