How do You Tell if Your Pipes are Busted?

Burst pipes are a serious headache and plumbing issue because you need to locate them first to fix them. It is unarguable that burst pipes, if not discovered early, will result in a considerable loss of revenue up to thousands of dollars. But how can you detect that your pipes have burst?

Read the tips below on how do you tell if your pipes are busted to save yourself the headache and financial loss that this situation brings:

1. Changes in Water Pressure

One of the ways to suspect likely burst pipes is a decrease in the pressure of water that comes through the faucets in the home. A hole in the pipes will cause water leakage and be an outlet for water, thereby causing water pressure to reduce. When you notice that water is not rushing as it used to from your faucets when washing your hands, filling your bathtub, or taking a shower, call an expert plumber to check your pipe system for imminent burst pipes.

2. Water Marks

Pipes are usually located on the walls behind the dry walls. Burst will, unavoidably, leave traces of water on the walls. The walls will be damp. You only have to inspect the lines where pipes in your home are located and watch out for watermarks. As soon as you notice dampness, there is a likelihood that some pipes have burst.

3. Odors and Water Discoloration

If the water that comes through your faucets smells or have discoloration, that is an indication that your pipes are likely to have burst. Look for signs of rust or particles in your water; if there are particles or rust, or strange smell, have your water line checked for possible pipe burst.

4. Puddles of Water

Another way on how do you tell if your pipes are busted is to look around your basement for pools of water; or water gushing out of any area of your compound. Burst pipes can compromise the integrity of your basement waterproofing that is why you need to be on the lookout. If you found standing water anywhere within your compound, have it checked critically.

5. Increased Water Bills

Are you surprised at the sudden rise in your water bills? You do not have to be; have your water pipes checked for possible burst. Water leaking from the holes on the pipes will undoubtedly increase your water bills. The best way to ascertain burst pipes is to turn off all faucets inside and outside your home. Then go and look at your new meter. If your meter is running when you are not using water, then your pipes have burst somewhere.

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