Are you looking for pipe repair or pipe replacement? Do you want to fix your drain pipes without having your landscape torn up? Trenchless Drain Pipe Repair “Burst Pipe Technology” is a new approach to pipe repair or replacement to minimize disruption to your property.

To avoid damaging your landscape, front porch, or steps when your drain needs repair or replacement by excavation, Draintony uses a burst pipe method to install new piping without opening any trenches along the drain length. Excavation is minimized to two holes and the burst pipe in between.

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Pipe burst technology involves five key pieces of equipment in the operation to excavate a pipe line. It is a trenchless technology, meaning it requires little to no trenches in this subsurface construction. Pipe burst technology hydraulically pulls a large cone shape head by a steel cable underground to break apart and expand the old pipe and simultaneously pulling into place a new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe of the same or larger size than the old pipe. The large cone shape head, also known as a bursting head or bullet breaks the existing pipe while pulling and laying the new pipe behind it.


The process involves inserting a cone shaped bursting head into the old pipe, causing the old pipe to expand into pieces, and the new pipe to expand into a larger cavity. If you have noticed any drainage problems in your property, contact Draintony to find out if a Trenchless Pipe Repair is an option for you.(*The existing drain must have satisfying draining slope in order to qualify for trenchless installation.*)

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Trenchless Pipe Repair Using Burst Pipe Technology