Is your basement flooding with several inches to several feet of ground water?A Flooded Basement can be a disaster for any homeowner. A basement flood can create serious health and safety hazard, as well damage your home utilities and personal belongings.

All basements are prone to flooding. There can be many reasons behind the water in your basement. You might have plumbing leaks, leaky basement windows, or leaky basement foundation.

If you are experiencing frequent basement flooding, Draintony specializes in Basement Waterproofing services.

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Internal Waterproofing is used when the source of moisture is coming from the inside of your house.

External Waterproofing structurally ensures the life of the wall and the building it supports.

Sump Pump Installation is one of the most important things you can do to prevent basement flooding.

Weeping Tile Installation is a porous pipe with small slits or weep holes in it.

Concrete Floor Installation come with a full dry basement package, including new undergrade internal sanitary drains.

Window Well Installation is an effective way to prevent unwanted water from entering your basement.


1. Stay Safe
Water in your basement can contain harmful bacteria, so stay out of your basement until the water is pumped out

2. Determine The Cause of Your Flooded Basement
Water may be leaking into your basement in different areas. Causes of flooded basement can include plumbing leaks, leaky basement windows, or leaky basement foundation.

3. Removed Water-Damaged Items
It’s best to remove personal items as they could grow mold in the near future.

4. Install a Waterproofing System
Draintony will help you install an effective waterproofing system to prevent your basement from flooding in the future.
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