Plumbing Inspection Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Purchasing your new home can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. It can also be challenging, especially for first time homebuyers. Once you move into your new home, you’re responsible for every little thing.

The last thing you need is an unexpected plumbing repair or upgrade before signing the dotted line. So inspecting a home’s plumbing system before purchasing it is crucial because it can uncover hidden plumbing problems to help you avoid expensive repairs or upgrades. 

Here are 5 plumbing inspection tips for first time homebuyers:

1. Flush the toilets

You should inspect the bathrooms in the house by flushing each toilet to see how the water drains and refills. This will ensure that everything is in working condition. In addition, you should also remove the backing of the toilet. This will ensure that the inner working is in working condition too. 

2. Run the showers

You should run the showers to see how high the water pressure is. Running the showers is a way to check the water pressure in a home’s plumbing system. If there’s low water pressure, it could be a sign of a leak or a clog. 

3. Check the water heater

You should check the water heater to see if there’s any mineral buildup, if whether or not it’s well insulated, or if there is any corrosion on the connection. Checking for these signs will help to indicate if the water heater has or hasn’t been regularly serviced.

4. Check the crawl space

You should take the time to check the crawl space of the home. Grab a flashlight and look for any signs of leak or water damage that wasn’t seen during a home inspection. You may find something that might need further inspection from a licensed plumber.

5. Check the size of the plumbing

You should check the size of the plumbing that’s currently installed in the home. Are the pipes large enough to hold the capacity of water you’ll be using? If not, this can result into less water pressure and increase the chances of potential water damage. 


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