Plumbing Tips to Help You Save Money

Plumbing issues can cause such a headache for homeowners. Common plumbing issues include leaks, sewer backup, clogged drains, leaky or flooded basement, and more. These plumbing issues can lead to expensive damage and costly repairs, but basic plumbing skills, as well as a few simple tips and tricks can help you save a lot of time and money. There are certain preventive measures that can help you prevent water damage and avoid costly plumber bills.

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Here are 5 plumbing tips to help you save money:

1. Avoid liquid drain cleaners

Avoid pouring liquid drain cleaners down your drains in order to avoid some plumbing nightmares. Heat is generated by the chemical reaction of liquid drain cleaners within the drain pipe. This heat can cause damages to your drain pipe because chemicals will rest on the clogged area and potentially weaken or even melt the drain pipe.

2. Check your toilet flapper

A leaky toilet can waste a ton of water. Take a look at your toilet flapper to determine if there is a leak. If your toilet has a leak, it will repeatedly spur the fill valve to send water to the tank. You can check your toilet flapper by dropping food coloring in the tank. Wait half an hour and then check your toilet bowl. If the bowl is colored, then there is a leak.

3. Go for low-flow

Did you know a normal shower head can use over 42 gallons of water per shower/ It is a good idea to install a low-flow shower head to save you more water and money.

4. Don’t neglect your drains

You shouldn’t neglect your drains because they’ll eventually become clogged and no longer work effectively. Keep your drains in working order and avoid unwanted build-up to prevent clogged drains. You should pour a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar down your drains on a monthly basis. You should also uses strainers in your sink and bathtubs to keep hair and soap out of your drain pipe.

5. Don’t dump grease

Avoid dumping grease down your drain pipes. Dumping grease is one of the worse things you can pour down. Warm grease eventually congeals to start forming a clog and become bigger and bigger. It is a good idea to collect grease by using a jar or container rather than dumping grease down your drain pipe.


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